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Thread: comx Dual Requests

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    Default Looking for Dual


    I am playing a offensive raiding Teuton, I need another member to my team. I am in USA so I need someone in Asia or Europe. We already have our cropper (2nd village) settled. Looking for someone who wants to play aggressively and reach the top raiding ranks and top ranks. Also we are looking for a gold buyer.

    Contact on skype- apuronaldoman

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    Looking for defensive Gaul account to join as dual.

    I don't buy gold.
    I am experienced.
    I am hyperactive-18h if needs be. (06.00-22.00server time)
    gmt+1 timezone

    PM or Skype:blackleaf1992

    Only deff gauls.

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    Thumbs up Top 50 aggresive roman searching for dual

    Im from GMT+2 So im searching someone from China/USA/India etc. im buying gold so it would be nice if dual would buy gold to. Req. expierence as roman 3+ years , buying gold (if active 12+ hours then not needed.) Experience>buying gold
    Skype domciukasss

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    Lightbulb Dual Request


    I am looking for Dual to join my team.

    My Account Details:

    tribe : Teuton
    Villages : 2 ( 150 % cropper). 3rd village in next 12 hrs (only 1 player got 3rd till now).
    Play style: aggressive ( will aim for biggest hammers )
    Raiding : Doing good

    What I expect of you.

    Time zone : can cover 7:00 - 1:00 UTC ( GMT+0)
    Buy Gold : Yes
    Raiding : Yes

    If interested contact me @skype : sachin_travian


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    Default Top 30 roman account looking for night dual!


    We're looking for one extra dual to cover the night times (1-8am GMT), so ideally you're from US/China etc. We have one US guy playing at the moment, but he wants to quit.

    We expect from you that you're active and not afraid to constantly send raids. Experience is not a requirement, we're willing to learn you everything.

    At the moment we're in the top 30 and 24/7 raiding. We play very aggressive.

    Interested? Just send me an IGM with your Skype .


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    Default Looking for dual on my Teuton-account


    I am a player with a lot of experience, but I need a good/experienced raider that can handle a Teuton.
    We are going to be very offensive, and I need a dual that can be online 00:00-10:00 GMT+1-time.

    If you are interested, you can PM me.
    I am currently a non-gold user, but I can also use gold if necessary.

    Thank you

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    I am looking for experience player, who know how to play with teutons, but it needs to buy gold.
    Acc is in top 120, and top10 Robbers.
    PM here

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    Hi, I am looking for experience player for teuton account:

    Account is in top 150, and in top 3 robbers in server. Account is covered almost 24/7 but the biggest problem is gold. We are ready for artifacts (treasuries, tournament squares, armors ) and have a few off on account.

    I except only players who can do raiding and who can buy a gold... If you are interested send me a private message here, and if we can think that you can be able to help to us, we will give you our skype ID's

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    I am looking for an account. Well that's the simple part. Now about me:
    - I play Romans
    - non golder
    - Experience doesn't really matter all that does matter is gameplay. But people do ask so I'll say 5yrs+, that is the amount I have spent playing the game not the time it has been me joining the game.
    - I don't have enough patience,so I don't look for a top account. A decent one will do. I don't want to spend all day on it.
    - I play using my cellphone so I can't raid so gold club is needed so that farmlist is set.
    - I will just go and sim up the vills and train troops. Dodge attacks if any.

    That's it. Now if someone needs a dual or wants to give away an account. PM me here and if we can have a deal. We'll chat on Skype.

    P.S. I have been off travian for past two years.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to join an account on comx, although it might be a little bit late into the server.

    A little about myself. I have 7+ servers of experience on speed servers, mostly Romans, and sometimes Gauls. I have played through endgame multiple times. Have finished some servers as a top 10 player, have gotten top 3 robber medals, have supported a winning WW. But having played so many servers, I am now looking for more casual play (simming).

    I'm from the United States, play at night, and sometimes check account on my phone during the day. So it seems like a Roman defense account would interest me and I would enjoy simming with someone else. My skye is gdaznx. Thanks for reading.

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