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Thread: com downtime

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    this is going to be ridiculous
    you are unbelievable guys
    one hour earlier start one and half hour ending? or not?
    maybe working for some players?
    you are unbeliaveble and nobody has the guts to take the responsibility

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    the finals server is now online, with maintenance work completed and backup from today morning recovered. I will adjust the announcement now.

    You've got a question? You can find the answer here: T2.5/T3 Answers / T4 Answers / New User Moderation

    Moderators work on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

    For Travian: Legends support, please first take a look at answers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the in-game support request form or write in-game message to Support.

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    Are you fuc.king kidding me?

    then give the sop of 25 gold and 6 days plus? you just have to be ashamed

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    Soo the gold users are stupid? Non gold users got 3 day plus account, and I already had that.

    I lost lot of ress in traiding because your early downtime, also I lost a lot of troops...

    But heeey, i got 3 days plus acc

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    This is a funny thread...All of you in here acting like Travian owes you the world cause they had some technical issues. None of you lost your physical gold you had and if that had happened then they would have given it back to you. There are many online games that will give you ZERO for your loss of TIME. These servers are like all other equipment we use and from time to time they have problems that even the smartest person cannot prepare for. If you go to the store and bu something and when you get home you discovered it is broke/bad. do you........

    A, Throw a tantrum like a 2 year od and demand back more then what you spent?

    B, Alert the seller to the problem and let them fix it or replace it?
    REVO...One...SEC...The Colony x 4 rounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dark Force View Post
    These servers are like all other equipment we use and from time to time they have problems that even the smartest person cannot prepare for.
    I'm sure that is not so easy to restart something like this... and is only a small part.. .

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