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Thread: Artis! Artis! Artis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doefrijk View Post
    After all, we already have the MHs and TG and whatnot in our pockets*, so why would we need anything else to show off
    I just thought of doing something cool since I work for Travian! Scouts for the Stealth kittypults

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    R.I.P my sweet prince 1889-1945

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    Quote Originally Posted by new erah View Post
    I haven't had a lot of time past two days so will update thread now as well.
    Well that's understandable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doefrijk View Post
    As for the rest of the server, shifting alliances makes it a bit confusing. There may be some behemoth consisting of Czechs, Eclipse, Divinity shaping up, supported by whomever else wishes to fight us (Cathpa, Rebels and even master-flipflopper HB and his wonderfully-named Purge). But, for the moment at least, let us consider and thus evaluate them as separate entities.

    Purge - A shady transfer of large boots, an inter-alliance pick-up of a small diet and a small confusion (both CZ), artefacts distributed amongst 4 largest members and the two other leaders. Yes, Purge seems ... classy
    Since no one notice or thank for your work.
    Let me be the first to thank you. It is a good analysis. Thanks.
    But you could make it even better if you add little gap between allies and keep your **** only inside your head.

    Let me guess only infamous can work as team.
    I can see infamous leadership sharing there all artifacts with all small members.
    And if someone else post anything like this it is personal, hate and pure jealousy about infamous.

    Non of other allies allow to choice what to do with there hammers.
    Capture a artifact or keep there hammers for enemy.
    Probably they thinking like that because in infamous its not troop owners choice.

    Why any of small non core member didn't receive attack orders to capture artifact even they had troops.
    Didn't you spot your inside shady transfer of large boot.
    Poor guy ended up with confusion.(i mean small confusion)

    Quote Originally Posted by Doefrijk View Post
    ...Call me biased I don't care,...
    We don't have to.
    You already admit it with this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doefrijk View Post
    Oh, there was some fool claiming that Uniques (architect, trainers, boots) are useless,
    Go read the post again. He didn't mention anything like that.
    Maybe you are the only fool here because if he mention anything like that you may spot 20-30 hate messages already posted here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doefrijk View Post
    we already have the MHs and TG and whatnot in our pockets*, so why would we need anything else to show off

    * Disclaimer: I am aware that MHs are independent and that TG-staff is not allowed to play Travian in a serious manner.
    Why post it here no one ask anything like that or anything about rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by Masta Ace View Post
    I just thought of doing something cool since I work for Travian! Scouts for the Stealth kittypults

    Good one Ace. But don't you think destroying builds using scout is too expensive.
    Use chiefs like me. It is much cheaper than scouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AAAAA View Post
    Didn't you spot your inside shady transfer of large boot.
    Poor guy ended up with confusion.(i mean small confusion)
    I believe you're talking about the player who has a trainer? You continue to show that you have absolutely no clue how anything is done in a good vet alliance. Really, which alliances have you played in prior to s6? I want to know which alliance has left you with the impression that a top alliance has to be full of cheaters, has to abuse smaller members, etc. It's almost as if you have emotional scars from that experience that lead you to demonstrate a fanatical anti-Infamous fetish.
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    well 5A it seems you have practically 0 knowledge on how artis work on individual basis or within an alliance point of view. Allow me here to teach you something of it even though i might get scolded from our leaders.

    It seems that you have never got any prior experiance of holding one thats why you are spouting such nonsense. First off you need to distinguish artefacts as which are accounts bassed and which are meta based. In any meta at least those which have an ounce of winning aspirations and are actually working towards the goal to win a server will have it clear that all artefacts regardless of who clear or captures them are the property of the meta, here such meta when they plan for artefacts, they had to consider various variables when they assign which includes size of clear, treasury lvls and distance to an artefact. Mostly always artefacts are assigned such that they are captured as quick as possible to prevent any steals from non ally memberz or cross quad metas. Also it have to consider that armies loose as minimum troops as possible so that they are quickly able to recover those losses for alliance based missions.

    Then comes the distinguishing the artefacts and see whether they are individual accounts bassed or meta usage based.
    The small fools, confusion and small artefacts are individual based artefacts ajd mostly leaders dont assign them and they are left to members to capture them and even keep them on a firzt come first serve basses.

    Next are the team bassed artefacts which covers the rest.
    Eyes should go to members who have large number of scouts for scouting or to members who will build massive amount of scouts for alliance needs. Large eyes are normally tend to be given to players who are close to other large artefacts hub so tbat they can conquer them to check for incomings.

    Storages are meta based artefacts which will be shared amongst most if not all members in a meta. they are prioritize in such a way that those with high fields or high troops count and gold user are given first so that they build capabilities for higher fields or higher storages of crops in hammers. Ability to abuse gold is a must early on so that they are passed as quickly as possible to members for building the necessary storages. Thats why its first given to big gold users and then later to rest of the meta.

    Diet artefacts should be given to big accounts with high amount of troops. They should be easily abpe to hold large amount of stationary defense and are heavy gold users so that they can also function as garages for the meta.

    Boots have 2 uses, 1st to raid and second to attack. Here it comes down to leadership style on where they are assigned I for one will give them to border players with big armies so that they can go and bash our opponents in other quads up as quickly as possible.

    Trainers these are the artefacts that almost everyone want to use. But when its being passed around various elements are needed to be considered. One being ability to queue for long stretches, second ability to queue in a short time frame between each rotation. Not everyone have the capabilty to queue troops in barracks, stables and workshop for 400hrs within 24 hrs whether pushed or not so to ensure that a meta is benefited the most these are generally given to those who do have such capabilities. Giving trainers to a small account who are not only active enough to ensure that it can monitor all incomings and protect it, and also not capable of queue long stretches in a short time is totally unadvisable.

    Generally all small players within a meta who atleast have some experiance will be agreeable to these terms, as they know that thier accounts dont have the capabilities to maximise an artefact usage. In metas who aspire for a win, it is necessary that as max number of players are benefitted from storages and trainers so that they have a realistic chance for end game honors.
    By spouting the useless propaganda that a small player will not get x or y is totally useless and will only show that how much lack of knowledge or experiance one have.

    Well good day and I hope you will learn something from this (considering from past situations very unlikely) and start to actually talk like an experiance travian player instead of a noob that most of your posts instead of all clearly indicates
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    dont tell this to divinity. 10 days slight storage master plan on same player

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    are we going to ignore the fact that DIVINITY leader been holding large trainer for 12 days now?

    someone link them syed's post.

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    ah oh anyone missed wakiza?
    oh maybe he is just building GWH and GG in every feeders. my bad

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