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Thread: com1 Dual Requests

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    Default com1 Dual Requests

    If you are looking to dual or if you are looking for a dual on com1 please post here. This thread is only for dual requests for com1!
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    Hi Everyone,

    Com1 is starting soon. I'm looking for one dual for a 24 / 7 top Roman account (we're running a tight ship). It'll be just me, you, and my other dual whom I've played with for the last 4 years. This is my last account before starting a full-time job in 9 months so I'll be quitting after this server. I'm planning on making this one big, trying to get #1 in everything (robbers, attackers, population). I live in New York City and my time zone is GMT -5. Would love somebody from the U.K., Australia, or the U.S. Playing times are pretty flexible.

    My experience:

    Playing since T2.5 (5 years).
    WW two times: com1 and com2.
    Top 10 robbers, attackers, defenders countless times.
    Top 1 account two times: com1 and com2.

    We are looking for a gold-buyer, but I'll be footing the bill for most of the gold (I buy a lot of gold, along with my other dual). If interested, pm me at this forum account or Skype at username:

    Thank You,


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    Default i need a dual

    hello !
    i need a dual on my acc
    my time is : gmt
    and my skype is :the.ortilex
    pm me or add me on skype plz x)

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    Looking for duals or account to play on, preferred playstyle: Mixed/offensive. I am most experienced with teuton and roman. I am an decently experienced player from GMT +1.

    Hit me up on skype: Lucazz0174

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    Default Looking for an active dual

    Hey guys,
    I've taken a few month break from travian and am looking to get back into the swing of things,
    I have already started an account and am looking for someone from a different time zone to dual with, I am currently located on the east coast so I am GMT -5
    If you're interested or have any questions please contact me on Skype at: SimkaBuzz
    (Gaul account, playing hammer style)

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    Default Searching for a dual

    Hey guys looking for a dual or two!

    Looking for somebody who has experience with the following
    Heavy Raiding
    Farm List Management
    Gold Buyer
    Resource Balancing

    I have been playing the game for about 8 years now. I've won the game and i've been defeated. Currently it's just me and I would love somebody to contribute for the hours of the day i'm not able to.

    I'm GMT -5 So if your a different timezone or just nocturnal message me!

    You don't have to buy gold all the time but occasionally!

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    Hi I'm looking for a Dual from different time zone, Im UTC+1 (French)
    I'm playing travian since about 2-3 years so I'm not very experimented but I know how to play
    Playing Romans mixed/off

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    Anyone looking for dual let me know.

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    Default Searching for dual on Roman acc

    I am searching for a dual in com1.
    I am a Roman and I am in top 100 attackers and defenders.
    I am in one of the top alliance.
    I want a dual who is-
    1- English speaking.
    2- Able to check the account in the time I am sleeping.(My timezone is GMT +5:30)
    3- Has Skype.
    4- Gold-buying.(It's okay if you don't.I don't either in this stage)

    If you are interested contact me in Skype- anupam.80
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    Default Looking for dual

    Hey guys,

    I am looking for a dual for a roman account. I started a little late so the account will be a little behind. i do not use gold and dont really care if you do. I am looking for the following attributes in the dual:-
    • Having exp. with romans.
    • English Speaking.
    • Preferably a good raider.

    Contact me if you're interested.

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