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Thread: Travian 4.4 is searching for a Subtitle

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    Travian: Age of Wonders
    Travian: Reign of Heros
    Travian: The Silver Age

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    Travian: Wonders
    Travian: Artefact Eras
    Travian: Quad Wars
    Travian: Treasure Chambers
    Travian: Seasoned Savages
    2012 - ts2 HMG/Scarecrow (GoDz)
    2013 - ts7 Thing (AV/PPG) | tx2 Gravitation (GoDz) | ts6 Prof. Utonium (PPGoDz)
    2014/15 - ts1 Enlightened (GOATs) | ts5 Buck Fitches (WILD) | ts4 Perfume (Ruthless)

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    Thank you very much for your suggestions so far, I have forwarded them.

    If there are still more, be quick... the final deadline is Friday morning.

    All suggestions have been sent, thread is closed.
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