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Thread: An End of an Era

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    Well played guys. I guess you have the highest successive winning streak. Kudos!! It is a good decision to walk away when at the top

    It will be interesting to know who was your toughest opponent and what made WILD stand apart from the rest.

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    An old friend made me come out of 2 years retirement for the last com2, and I was oh so ready to go back in pleasant retirement after that...

    Yet two weeks later, I found myself on an account on com5... Only joining because I would have no leadership work and two duals to handle the account so I could sit back and relax... Well, both of the duals went more or less missing after two weeks, but I must say I did not regret joining the server.

    This was my first server playing with Wild, and in that sense, it is both fun and a bit weird for it to be the final Wild server. Though I guess it is suiting, since I plan for it to be the last server I play.

    I want to commend the overall teamwork of Wild and it's members; every member was ready to do whatever they could to help out their team mates. The skype chats were pleasant, and IGM exchanges likewise, reminiscent of old days where chatting was perhaps one of the biggest attractions of travian.

    But first and foremost I have to commend all the leaders, visible or not. The amount of dedication and hard work portrayed by them was insane. As was the extensive planning that went into every aspect of the game.
    It was nice and unusual being on a team, where every time I thought about suggesting something planning/leadership wise, it was either already being taken care of, or on the to-do list. As that, it was nice to work under leadership that had such a good understanding of the game, and good adaptability (which allowed me to sit back on my own arse ).

    So again, thanks and hugs for all the leaders/officers for their hard work keeping the machine running, and hugs for all the members making Wild a pleasant enviroment.

    As I said, I think this will be my final server, but who knows...
    I'll probably see you around here on the forum/skype no matter what

    Now I'll go out and have myself a nice beer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Girigarious View Post
    It will be interesting to know who was your toughest opponent and what made WILD stand apart from the rest.
    Godz on S2. They almost brought us to our knees. There are many aspects to Wild and why we won so many servers. If you ask the people who played Wild, it is always the focus on team-play and high level of organization. There is also a lot of planning and analysis behind the screens. Everything is approached almost scientific. I think it is best to hear from the members in Wild what made it different then from me
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobiyou View Post
    Godz on S2. They almost brought us to our knees. There are many aspects to Wild and why we won so many servers. If you ask the people who played Wild, it is always the focus on team-play and high level of organization. There is also a lot of planning and analysis behind the screens. Everything is approached almost scientific. I think it is best to hear from the members in Wild what made it different then from me
    I too would like to hear from our members, what it meant to be WILD.

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    Nice to hear we gave you a good fighting Still sometimes wondering how the server would have developped if we didnt decide to hit MDS and kept going for WILD... That was definitely a very demanding server with a huge intensity over months. I still wonder if U (Union) ever played on another server. But their attacks combined with ours made WILD being attacked more than twice a week. In the end you survived that

    This server being on the side of WILD, it was much more chilled for me. Not leading, and knowing our leaders had a final plan which we just have to follow was a good exchange. It is nice to see that a non-endgame focussed player like me still had fun this round. Splatting various of times was the intention before this server and this goal i could achieve. In the end I tried to be the kind of player which i usually love to be my members :P Thanks for the experience of going the whole round once again after years of bullying around

    Now I wonder what the plan should be for the future...Let me know in skype if you have an idea. But first of all I need a few days break.

    The sadest thing about trav still remains that fellows for months sometimes leave the game, quit skype and you never hear from them again. I know that I behave almost like this during my trav breaks. But it is still friends you spend hours with that you miss and who are hard to replace. So it will be as well after this round. Met some nice WILD players and not sure if I can stay in touch with them as I could during server...

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    Although i've never played with or against WILD, you guys were always the team to beat/be in the back of the mind
    Must congratulate you for 5 back to back server wins (a record which wont be easy to beat)
    As this game really drains the leaders out
    Kudos to you

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    I came in WILD by mistake, so to say, 3 years ago : I chose the wrong quad on registration and had 4 nice 15 croppers right beside, so I decided to stay.

    Amazing WILD : teaching members how to get the best out of their account, always helping out whenever there was trouble.
    Fantastic WILD leaders who gave me a chance to be more than just another player and get closer to leadership, taking duties which implied trust.
    Generous WILD allocating a wall for you when they thought they could catch a hammer, or would call for a push to help you recover from croplocked cap.
    Working hard WILD team with an unspeakable amount of chatrooms all treating a specific aspect of the game (18 chatrooms for me on this server and I'm not even an alpha so I can't even grasp how alphas manage to cope).

    All so well organized that it always tended to excellency, if excellency is possible in Travian.

    There is nothing random to the fact that WILD wins server : it is hard work and dedication, retired vets stepping in when needed.

    I found some gems in WILD. People I will always care for, because even though this is just another browser game, the time we spent together gave me the opportunity to get to know them and see how lovely they are inside, and this is priceless.

    I do understand that the founders / other alphas can be worn out, after having produced so much effort, care and time for such a long period of time. I felt so moved to find a team which was not self indulging, but was valuing the whole team above everything else. Nobody would use their own interest above this of the team (and this was new to me : it corresponds to what I expect from leaders without having seen it elsewhere).

    For all of these things, I want to thank WILD. I'm happy to have been a part of WILD's history, happy to have been able to help, and... happy not to have had to sit the WW this round, lol

    I love you WILD and will never forget you (what ? You already understood that ? )
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    Thanks for a good time.

    I met Wild on its very first server. And that I am thankfull for.
    Have had a great time these 5 years, and met alot of nice people. You guys girls and gauls are the best

    Everyone keeps saying its the members that made Wild. I think its the leaders.....
    You guys always laid down a perfect plan for the server, and followed the plan to the end/win.
    That is something you should all be very proud of.
    Also our OC's and DC's. Realy cant see a Wild without you. Your dedication was what kept us going. All the hard work you did. Makes me humble to say it in a "mild" way.

    My best server looking back was also the one against Godz and U.
    Getting to know some of the Godz people after, just puts an even thicker line under best server.
    And I still blame you for giving me my first grey hair

    I feel this is the right time to stop. This server has been my personally worst under the Wild banner. Just could not find the extra time or dedication. And I get the feeling that others are feeling the same way.

    Was glad to see Pink Unicorn hold Wilds WW. You deserve it.

    As Rachel and Monica said.... Its the end of an era.
    Wild since 2010

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    Not played this server .... But miss you guys.

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    I played the Ace account in this server. We stayed about 4 months and then for some personal reasons (both in game and RL) we deleted. As a meta Wild is one of the best and I think they have adapted to the new changes better than others and used it to their advantage.

    But still Wild is NOT perfect. I think there are some points where improvements can be made. Even if they are not playing as Wild any longer (which is sad, I'd say), hopefully the leaders and many other members will continue to play and I think sooner or later a lot of them would end up in a leadership position. So I'd post my opinions about the fields where improvements can be made.

    Of course, my opinions are not the best and arguable. And I could judge the leaders better if I would end up in their shoes. My opinions may be right or wrong. You may consider them or ignore them. It's totally upto you.

    (1) Communication : Overall good. But at certain point, I experienced horrible response from a Leader, in fact there was no response at all. May be it was a coincidence that we experienced that problem. But when you are in charge of a very important matter, you should expect a lot of messages (not just "Hi" or "hello" but important ones that means a lot for those players).

    If you are busy, ofc your dual/s can open the messages for you and inform you later. If you have no dual, then you can always have trusty sitters who can do the work. Consider.

    (2) Off planning : There was 2 big gaps whitout any off plan. I understand that the alphas were busy in RL. But Wild have a big big pool of experienced players with such experience. You could ask some of them or try someone new for the job. Everyone had a "first time", may be you would find your next OC in the process.

    (3) Def call timing : While I stayed, I experienced that def call were made about 5/6 hours before the attack and most of the time there was not enough time to reach there with defense. I think this can be improved.

    (4) Too much early simming and ignoring potential threat : Early simming is very important in this version but some players completely ignore troops at that stage. I saw 5 village players were getting attacked and raided by 2 village players and there was nothing he could do to stop it other than asking help from allies. But all of them were almost in the same position.

    As a matter of fact, after a bad and lazy start, I was thinking about playing defense and saw 2 much bigger players in our area were being attacked by smaller players. We decided to go offense to counteract and removed threats from our neighborhood. As we like to farm, I didn't destroy those players completely, just made sure that we could farm them without any trouble. And the whole process was not that hard. At the same time, We grew economy as well.

    Some people ignore those small players and let them grow as potential chiefing targets, but I think that is risky and I saw it backfired. With the experience, I don't think it would be hard for veterans to find a balance between simming and training few troops.

    (5) Raiding : Wild dominated the raiding chart as an Alliance and also had more players than other meta. But those stats were made by very few players. In fact, a lot of people don't raid, if they do, they just steal farm from allies (I always hated these players who feast upon allies' hard work but that's not the point).

    I don't think that we were even in top 20 in wild according to hammer size and I could make it to top raiders if I wanted. In fact when we needed more resources, we increased our effort and made it to top raiders.
    I admit I was being very lazy at times (I had the best dual you could ever have, who always kept the account in good shape since she joined) and there were always room for improvement. People with much bigger armies didn't raid enough, even with boots, some were too lazy to raid.

    I think this is the picture of the whole server, a thing to consider for everyone.

    (6) Sitting : I found it very sad that some accounts had 3 or 4 duals but when we searched for sitters, there was NO response from such a HUGE pool. We always offered to sit back. It is understandable if you don't want someone you barely know in your account. But you can always lend a hand.

    After asking for weeks, we only got response from small accounts, who didn't have much experience or duals but happy to help and I sincerely salute those comrades.

    (7) Mentoring program : Not every meta have such program, Wild had one in this server. Fortunately I was a part of it for a short time (thanks for the honor and opportunity) and unfortunately I couldn't put enough effort (even I wasn't personally satisfied about my efforts).

    But there were much more experienced players and they did almost nothing to contribute. I think if Wild (or any meta that will play Travian) can run such program to help new players (or those who are left behind), that would be great.

    Like sitting, much more commitment needed in this section.

    Thanks for the long read. If you want to know anything, discuss or criticize my post, you are always welcome. You can post in the forum or PM me. As I am not playing anywhere atm, I am not regular anymore. So there might be a little delay.

    Wish you all a very good time.

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