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Thread: Spiking: A legitimate tactic?

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    Default Spiking: A legitimate tactic?

    Greetings and Salutations,

    For those uninitiated Spiking is where you reinforce an inactive player, typically, to gain experience for your hero from people that are farming said inactive.

    There is a long history of great powers fighting proxy wars, however I believe in the case of spiking, in Travian it borders on an exploitation of game mechanics.

    I am yet to meet someone that has provided me with a coherent argument as to how this practice is in the spirit of the game.

    Did developers intended for spiking to become such a big part of the game? Have they ever given the issue much consideration. Personally it is my no1 bugbear and would love to see it go the way of the dodo.

    My solution to the problem...heroes should not receive experience when reinforcing inactive accounts. This would genuinely restrict the practice to people who wished to engage in proxy war and were not just engaging in spiking as a means to exploit game mechanics.

    I am very interested to know if many other people feel the same; or if they don't, perhaps help me to re-adjust how i view spiking so that i may, in time, come to peace with its practice in the game. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    How would Travian determine whether these accounts were inactive? They already have a feature in place where inactive accounts get deleted after a while. How would this differ from what is already in place?

    Did all your troops die on a raid because someone left a hero waiting for you?

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    Spiking has a long and glorious history. Not only does it give the hero exp, it also takes out pesky opponents' troops.

    Spiking is bad if you do it to me, but strategy if I do it to you. Stop your whinging. It's a war game.

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    Spike the punch, score with drunk guys /gals. classic

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    Ah, yes, Spiking! A jolly old ruse! The trick, my lad, is to spike them before they spike you! Hohohohoho!

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    well it is still a tactic

    if you feel bad about the spiking then, if you have alliance then have the courtesy to tell them which village you spike

    but i doubt most people will bother with this, because well most people dont even realize that the village that is raided is spiked in the first place, they will just think that the casualties is because wall or something similar [ thats just my opnion ]

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    Since the new update it is easy to figure out which specific account is doing the spiking. Takes 30seconds to 1 minute work and an excel spread sheet. After that you can make sure he pays for it.
    Do that to everyone who is spiking you, encourage other people to do the same and very soon spiking won't be worth the meager points the hero receives because you lose your whole capital for using it.

    Show them your wrath!

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