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Thread: Black Thursday

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    Cool Black Thursday

    Orders are here!
    There are no sounds - except the sounds of mighty catapults reminding troops to go for their last trip. Trip to death and glory.

    Beasts are unleashed, heading to their distant targets. There's no time for chat, orders must be given to merchants. Beasts are hungry.

    At a dawn, waves of armies hit the walls of towns, previously known as WW villages.

    When the dust and smoke settle, piles of rubble are the only remainder of warehouses and granaries.

    Only one town, worthy of the title "WW village", remains. Countless troops are heading to defend the last stand of many tribes against defeated enemies and wild Natar tribes...

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    As per request, here are reports of SGR hits on GRID and Dynasty WW villas

    For*GRID*this is what transpired.

    Shammybear*on WW Wall Down

    TERIX*on WW 2 x GW destroyed

    E&N*on WW 2 x GW Destroyed

    Racers*on WW 2 x GW Destroyed

    Kublai*on WW 2 x GG down to 6*

    Squire4Hire*on WW 2 x GG Destroyed

    Morganza*on WW Clay pit destroyed as no more GWs

    For Dynasty

    Hear No Evil*on WW 2 x GW Destroyed

    tiberius*on WW 2 x GW Destroyed

    AnnAlbertatross*on WW 2 x GW Down to 15 each

    hungweilo*on WW Wall Destroyed

    The Dude*on WW 1 GW Down to lvl 2 another destroyed from lvl 15

    The Hawk*on WW 1 GW Demolished from lvl 15

    Kluut*on WW 2 x GG Down to 16 each.

    The Chemist*on WW 1 x GW Demolished from lvl 2

    Lead Metas s9 - 2009 CF [Lost] s7 - 2010 Thunders [Won]
    ts9 - 2013 BPAT [Won] ts2 - 2014 CHAOS [Won] ts1 - 2015 SGR [Lost]

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