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    Default Nomination-thread

    Dont forget to motivate!

    MvP (Most valuble Player): Velociraptor (total offensive) / Stallin (hammer for TB) / skrz&ivdol (hammer for czech)

    MvO (Most valuble Officer): skrz&ivdol / Sunnyblue / TB-council (BFF )

    Best teammate: Wakiza, OCB&Miss, Fleddermause, Stallin, lumpeeezy, Ziasod, Sunnyblue, grizzzly,

    Best defensive player: OCB&Miss. Knows the game, and knows how to push.

    Best offensive player:Velociraptor. Stat and offensive push says it all.

    Most underrated: Me Not egoistic at all. With 9k account /17 villages and 404k offpoints i think i did some kind of damage for the enemy

    Most overrated: Most of the DIV1NITY-players that thought they were something.

    Best manipulator: Memento Mori. 'Nuff said.

    Respect: TB. Infamous-crew.

    Best team: TB.

    Most annoying: That we didn't win of course.

    Nicest player: Stallin. GGMU

    Best startplayer: HoneyBadger?

    I remembered when...: TB went on with full power and the outcome of the game was nonetheless of what happend later on. Best period of the server.

    Such a huge miss when... Can't really remember.

    Very funny incidence: When infamous lost their unique trainer with no

    Very tough incidence: Wakiza's hammer became a thing of the past. RIP.

    This is how i will remember com6: Politics back and forth as always. Newbies with very experienced players. Metas here and there. Hopefully it will be a more interesting server after the summer when we had our IRL-fun

    Happy summer everyone and again, thank you for this round.

    Manchester United will win the next season of BPL. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug.
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    Previous alliances: Infamous. BA. Started 2007.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ataliens View Post
    Dont forget to motivate!

    MvP (Most valuble Player): Velociraptor (total offensive) / Stallin (hammer for TB) / skrz&ivdol (hammer for czech)

    Does anyone have records of their hammer sizes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J1024 View Post
    Does anyone have records of their hammer sizes?
    Raptor 420k? skrz 360k stallin 350k

    Interesting choices for some of your nominations, at

    For best defense:

    Heart over ocbm? Heart just attacked puca with something like 450k defense I think they were probably the account which dropped 300k defense in place at ittoku.

    My nomination for most overrated goes to:

    Anyone who's still attacking us with anything over 50k troops. Perhaps the time to do that was weeks ago?
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