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Thread: .com tournament qualification server Dual Requests

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    Default .com tournament qualification server Dual Requests

    If you are looking to dual or if you are looking for a dual on .com tournament qualification server please post here. This thread is only for dual requests for .com tournament qualification server!
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    Default Dual on Raiding Offense Account

    if someone has money, pls contact me

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    I'm looking to dual with someone for the fun of a very competitive server.
    I have experience with aggressive teuton and aggressive and defensive gaul.

    I can contribute gold and experience and a decently high activity time. (I'm GMT-5, by the way)

    I'm fine with any tribe, but don't have much experience with Romans. Am willing to learn.

    Message me on skype if you're interested. Arachnidion.

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    Hi Arachnid...

    Contact me...i am +5:30 and am looking for an experienced hand...i am playing Roman and am plenty experienced...

    skype_id: pink_wasp

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    Default Searching Dual for an Off Roman Acc

    I am searching for an active gold buying dual who is of a different timezone(I am +5:30).
    Contact me here or in skype(anupam.30) if you are interested.

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    Default Offer to dual


    Im from Sweden (this means im GMT +1), and looking for an account to play on.

    I have been playing for a couple of years.

    I have been playing most tribes, so im only looking for a account where the others knows how to play.

    If you want to know more please contact me on skype hampus_fencing

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    Hello friend,

    I am from GMT+5.5, with a bit of experience in travian.
    I am not a Gold spender, but play solely for the fun and experience.

    I usually prefer Roman tribe, but also have a bit of experience with Gauls.
    I have just completed the travian Tx2 tournament server, for the sole fun of experiencing it.
    Playing with the name tag of "boringbug".

    Would love to play with a dual account with any interested person.
    It doesn't matter if you are a gold spender or not.

    If interested, kindly contact me on travian forum.


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