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Thread: In memory of Izzie!!!

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    Default In memory of Izzie!!!

    It breaks my heart to give out this news,
    Izzie (Doreen) has passed away, she met a terrible car acciddent with her husband & 2 friends
    May her beautiful soul rest in peace!!

    i m just devastated to write anything more really, we will miss u izzie

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    I still can't believe this is real. Izzie was one of the most kind hearted, genuine players i've ever had the pleasure of playing with. She was one of those people that would do everything in her power to help, even if she was lacking in sleep, too much boxed wine, etc. Sometimes it did cause her to go a bit over her head but that was our Izzie. She was special and will be sincerely missed.

    Fly high Izzie!

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    i have known her since 2012 and we have been friends and shared laughter and sorrows.I had fights with her very recently(over issues with HC and left the server) and said very mean things to her.
    She still forgive me and welcomed me with open arms every damn time( i missed her more tbh). I promised her a visit in mexico the day i move to US.
    She planned for a next year trip to india but life is a such a ****** to say the least.

    I could talk for days about how she helped everyone with in and outside the game.How she comforted me when i lost grandma and was feeling really low in 2013.
    She was good player but a better friend and a very loving women. I dedicate all my accounts to her and this is going to be my last round as she wanted me to focus more on career and get settled in life.

    @IZZI PIZZI (i named her that)
    We can not meet during this lifetime but someday i hope we meet and sit down and chat like we used to do late in my nights(ur morning) and urs(my afternoon).
    I once said to u that ur the most wonderful women i ever meet and if things were different i would have married u . Ur a women any man will be lucky to have as a life partner.

    Love u my Izzi Pizzi.Wait for me whereever u are...i promise i will come looking for u!!!
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    Post I love you Izzie

    Hello All,
    She was Grace and caring like no other before.
    The world lost a wonderful person.
    Someone who has touched me without any physical contact.
    You are so sweet you make sugar taste like salt.
    You were the warmer than the sun.
    Birds are jealous of your songs.
    I only seen a glimpse at your light and I was blinded.
    Steve and I followed her and we never question her will.
    To know such grace is glorious and so cruel to have it ripped away.
    You were my fortress of well being in Travian. My sanctuary in the storm of this crux of Travian.
    I love you Izzie

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    Default Goodbye

    It is a sad day, as we hear this news.
    I wish for all her friends that they would find peace and tranquility in their memories of her.

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    Today is my saddest day bcoz of travian life.

    R.I.P Izzie.

    I love you

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    I can't believe. And wont.

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    I am shocked and saddened that such a vibrant, loving person is no longer with us. She cared about everyone and was so generous with her love and her time.

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    In Travian we make friends, and we take them for granted. They are there in the mornings when we wake up and when we go to sleep at night. Some of them are family more than they are friends whom you can share anything with. Some of them care for you more than your own friends. And some of them will stand with you through no matter what. Combining all of these together gets you close to what Izzie was. I will Miss you Izzie. (hug)

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    She will surely missed. There are very few souls like her ingame and in RL who truely cared in this virtual world. My experience with her has been limited but has been heart warming always. She was always there to support my trolling and to be there no matter what the conversation was about. You will always be remembered.

    RIP girl.

    Napalm - s9

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