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    Default Battle Reports

    Dear Users,

    please post only com2 battle reports here, sticking to the rules which means:
    4 Netiquette
    Displaying coordinates, village names, player names or any other (unique) identifier connected to posting battle reports unless both participants allowed it.
    Here you find the explanation how to share your battle reports with other players from the same server without the need to use an external battle report tool.

    Everybody posting Spam here will be infracted with one point per post.
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    Why no reports? I guess I'll kick it off

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    I can see why they call you peacekeeper :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruschetta View Post
    I can see why they call you peacekeeper :P
    If no one else has troops it's very peaceful

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    Come on guys,give us something!!!
    Com 2 2016 - Peacekeeper / Urban Jesus

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    czar (com2) czar (com5-2015)

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    So, any fresh battle reports? C'mon guys, you definitely have something to share.

    To at least start something - here is my arti report - Slight Titan Boots

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    As many peoples are asking - what is happening between NSSF and DSD, I will answer here in another try to revive the forum

    Some time ago NSSF started to send fakes to DSD, I decided to steal Big Trainer - and it was surprisingly easy.

    DSD shoot back with organized and well-executed operation, stealing Fool arti, destroying farm in several capitals, chiefing Ufo's hammer village and catching KeBaBa's hammer at home (please don't ask me why these guys do not value their time). Logs:

    krebins -> ryvan

    WMD -> leron (arti was saved thanks to 20 lvl treasury)

    S&D -> ufonius (lost log)
    TraMaDol -> ufonius (biggest hammer)
    FZR -> ufonius
    D&E -> ufonius (hammer village chiefed)

    DLM -> Zaytsev

    iPlayNaked -> Petplet

    tangoterje -> KeBaba (hammer caught home)

    NSSF's answer was much more poorly organized (by me, haha), and my goals was to loose most of troops (I didn't want to loose them defending as other guys) and maybe chief some fat hammer In the end, I was partially successful:

    leron -> TraMaDol
    leron -> TraMaDol

    To my surprise, there was no big celebration going on, so theoretically I did have a chance to succeed! The rest of hammer was just spent on WW village.

    Good luck everybody!

    Lesson learned on this server - if you don't find ally leadership effective enough in the begging of the server, do not hope that it will get better in the future

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    Hi all
    Can i get a report,for a defense of artifact?(small/large/unique)

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