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Thread: Credit where credit is due

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    Default pft like really like to give one liner nonanswers don't you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ele View Post
    LoL. No that does not count as saying good things No, you are not telling the truth. and No, you did not hurt my feelings
    From what information I have, I am telling the truth. If you have some other information you would like to share that would correct my point of view, by all means, share. You got to remember that I've known TM and players from TM alot longer than you have. Through the last Ancient Europe server, when I was also against them, and on the server they played between that, when I was their ally. And if I do not hurt your feelings how come you're still being defensive of yourself and your allies? Admittedly not all players in TM are the bad apples people are painting them as, willing to do anything dirty and underhanded to win, and I sincerely doubt that attitude went past your top leadership. There are a lot people that are probably exceptional players, and maybe like you ethical to boot, but do you accept gladly association with those don't have your moral character? As I stated to the traitor Firebird when he said it was "just a game," people usually let their true selves shine through when they think there will be little or no consequences to their actions.

    Now we had our own leader of questionable ethics, Giraffe, who I will freely admit pulled some underhanded things especially with his dealing with GIRIX. That's why I merged his alliance out from underneath him and he's gone from the server. Because I won't be associated with that kind of misbehavior. Question is will you?

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    How much longer until the server ends?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buliwyf View Post

    Phoebus was a beast. MTK as he's also known started the server over 1 month late. He's an old friend of mine but he refused to join TM until he proved himself to the rest of the team. One of the greatest raiders in the game and fair & honest player. Sadly he had to leave the game early as his young son is very sick. Our thoughts are with him and his family.
    There's a name from the past. Yes - good luck to his son and his family. Heck of a player, indeed, that MTK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by new erah View Post
    How much longer until the server ends?

    Server Started: 08.09.2015 - 05:00

    Server run time of 200 days = end at 05:00 utc March 26, 2016

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    Fact #6.... YOU DONT EVEN KNOW BRO

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    Quote Originally Posted by PorkLoin View Post
    There's a name from the past. Yes - good luck to his son and his family. Heck of a player, indeed, that MTK.
    Indeed, fair winds to MTK and his family. Crazy skills.

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