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Thread: Birthday special feedback

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    Default Birthday special feedback


    this is the place to give feedback about the Ideas announced for this year's Birthday Special.

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    For the equipped start:

    The start of a server is the one of the most difficult and skillful parts, if people want to speed it up they could just play on a speed server rather than wipe out one of the funnest aspects of this game.

    No items part looks awesome though, whatever takes away the giant advantages of insane gold users is always good for the game. Even the playing field, more people will stick around. I'd really like this change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CM Phanttis View Post

    this is the place to give feedback about the Ideas announced for this year's Birthday Special.

    In my opinion, not a huge fan of gems...and I guess no items appeals to those who liked T3.6, however...

    The 'equipped start' concept is incredibly interesting.

    This will appeal greatly to those who do not like the tedious nature of early game. A variation of 'equipped' start (perhaps including a 'package' of troops) would definitely appeal to people like me . Travian has done well with Scattered Empires in the sense that they created the server to be action packed, and I think they can do it again .

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    Items or not is not a huge deal for my part.. both options have some good tactical sides, but doesnt change the outcome very much. I am glad there are strong gold users that pays my bill, and if items can give them 5% better start, that is fair, so perhaps items is the fairest way to secure income to travian. And in that matter the new system seems good.

    Equipped city seems fun. I would proberbly continue playing the game., not on x2 and x3 though, everything would go out of hand too early. Suddently someone has 4k maces and catas... but on slow server that could make things funny earlier. I see a lot of players just sim until arti, but this feature will force players to action earlier. I dont know how it will impact the gold usage. I would proberbly use less,, others more. Romans will get an even more advantage!! I say no to this feature since it is a game changing thing.. all tactics have to be changed. And i dont think this feature will attract new players, it would be too messy early game, even on slow server.

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    What game environment it will be? T4.4 or SE? Speed? Are those the only changes?

    No equipment will be welcomed by many but it does not matter after first month or so. Gem has even less value (and probably will not be well received).
    The only suggestion that actually affects strategy is equipped start. I'm a big fan of first week rush and it will be gone. I think T4.4 will be less interesting. For SE it may be different (with limited croppers available at the start) but I'm not sure.

    Can we make other suggestions? How about no reinforcement/no resources from non-allied players round?

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    a) equipped start - no way, I love starting a new server, it's the best part of travian and I know lots of other players who play travi especially for game start

    b) gems - seen this before in other online games, i think this can work, i kinda like it

    c) no items - this is definitely the best idea you guys had in a while gg
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    Dearest Phanttis,

    I would first like to add and appreciate the fact that over the last one year, I truly believe that travian has started to think about the community. Which from the timespan of a decade in an out of the game is a much refreshing change.

    Idea 1 :: Equipped start.

    The amount of multis and bots are a huge challenge in the game, which is yet to be completely addressed. A new equipped village is a dream come true for a multi account players. Yes most players are rightly identified and banned at mid game level. But Imagine a solo player landing near the 15c and 9c. Cause cropper securing is the most important part of the game. To be surrounded by a horde of Multi. Which will later be chiefed as per convenience.

    Idea 2 :: Gems.

    Gems is similar to auction. But you mean you want to introduce item combining and specialization. This would just mean buying the same item and an additional item (Gem) all over again. Auctions donot matter post the first month and everything stablizes. With introduction of this the auctions shall never stablize. Atleast not in time to have a active non golder to make use of the potential and a cheap deal in between. If you want to scale items. Lets make it build in game mechanics

    1. Helmets improve based on the no of troops ququed. Each level increase reduces the quque time further. Gladiator helmets are time based. The more time you have them the better they get . Boots depend on the distance traveled. Swords depend on troops killed and so on. I can be more imaginative but that would need a separate thread.

    Idea 3 :: No items

    Now this is something that most players of the old will rally back to. With enough promotion may be you can get the older fan base back. Though there need to be certain additions as you are including skill points.
    Have time based options for the various things related to hero.

    1. Stat points can be reset once a month.
    2. Hero can be revived once 3 days.
    3. Health regen can be done by 1 % once every hour additionally to the base healing. This would need to be clicked. Making it that players login more times over the course of the day.

    Well these are my two cents I can be more imaginative but again incorporating ideas in to game design is tough. If you feel any of the points above make sense to you as they do to me please reply and we can get a larger community dedicated to this game involved in discussions.

    Napalm - s9

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    For me, a birthday special that has the only change in the number of available items is not interesting enough to hop in. Best change for me would be to lower the resource fields production back to where it was in T3.6 because there the game felt balanced. I had great fun in early versions of T4 where heroes and items existed but the resource field production was unaltered.

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    Concerning the equipped part:

    Being a player who rather wait until the capital is finished and a substantial army is ready, rather than jumping immediately into action, I kinda feel indifferent to that one.
    I guess what would happen is players will immediately rush to settle around a 15c in order to secure it as the fourth village and some quarrel will undoubtedly occur. However, the ones to get these 15c will be those most well prepared, most active and most experienced. In other words, those whom usually gets the best 15c will have the upper hand either way.
    Could be interesting though...

    No items:

    Now thatīs something! I am a T4 player all the way (started travian too late to experience the earlier versions) but has never been too fond of the auction. Would love to see a more back-to-basic server, to enable pure skill to be a more dominant factor once again.

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    I'd prefer to have another server with the Ancient EU scenario (just start another server, no need for any development).

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