Dear players,

I am glad to announce a Gold promotion which will start on

Friday 10.6.2016 10:00 UTC
and it will run until
Monday 13.6.2016 10:00 UTC.

During this time you will receive 20% more Gold with same package cost.

The promotion will be active on the main payment group and the secondary payment groups, in all servers of COM domain. The payment methods not included are vouchers, SMS and phone.

- You will see DIFFERENT pictures that say +20% when it's active, and ONLY then it is active. So if the +20% symbol is not showing, then the extra gold will not be credited.
- The amount of gold listed in each package already contains the extra +20%. So the amount of gold that arrives to your account is the same as is listed in the packages as gold amount.

If you buy before the promotion starts or after it ends, you cannot get the additional Gold.

This promotion is active in all servers of COM domain.

Kind regards
Phanttis & Tschena