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Thread: Qualification reports

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    Default Qualification reports

    This is the thread to post week reports about qualification, that participate on the contest. Please be advised that posts that are not participating in the contest, are removed.
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    Default Weekly Report

    The SW quadrant seems to have expanded by double compaired to any other quadrant with the Arabs taking control over in that quad.
    There seems to be more and more bans all over the place with multis and bots.
    The cattapults have started rolling in and a few villages have been zero'd already.
    The sw seems to have undetectable bots the deeper into the quad you go

    T.K.O alliance have disbanned and are no more as they could not handle the preasure
    Hellas , Alpha, Bravo, Charlie have staked there claims and are the lead alliances in the server

    We saw the 1st, 2nd village after only just 3 days and the first oasis was taken a day after that


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    Default Fun and more fun.

    It is clear as crystal that SW is filled with multis and bots. I have been playing Tournament round for quite a while now and I have never seen a quad expand so much in the minimap like this round.

    Forget that.

    In the beginning T.K.O thought they could win this round. Unfortunately they were out of their league and all they issued were empty threats.

    The most funny part for me was when the player Tasassin messages me saying if he could settle his 2nd village 1 field away from me , being in an enemy alliance. I laughed my a** off when I heard the message. He really thought he could survive next to me and Runner and Third and Unicornio Feo and jashy and Batman.

    I got into a bidding war with player Smurf and I made him lose over 1.5 k gold by over bidding on all his artwork. The best part was we were IGM'ing each other and he told me his leaders told him not to go over 40k silver for any artwork. It was fun seeing him all flustered.
    That was the funniest thing that ever happened to me.

    Player : Le Attonde
    Alliance : Delta (The Company)

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    Post Ggwp

    In this server, it is likely to declare that almost everyone used bots, some in good ways and others in bad ones. This is the biggest server I have ever played with more than 10k registered ids. I really expect a lot of things gonna happen when artifact appear soon.

    I was really pleased to play this server coz I am currently playing this server with bunch of my friends whom I recently met in our country servers. They are great players and I love to play alongside them. Never get boring playing with them.
    The funny things about this server is there are a lot of banned id around my 10x10. I was upset earlier coz I couldn't get the chance to raid that villages, however when Natar took over those villages, I was so happy. Then I realized maybe that is the reward to be patience and not using bot by playing honestly.

    I hope my friends and I could pass this qualification server and go to final.

    M KimK

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    Default -|- Quadrant GG

    It is kinda odd that -|- quadrant is much more occupied than the other quadrants. Also I've noticed that a lot of bots are here. This is my 1st tournament server and I am pleased with gameplay. And fix a bug with map and report bug

    Severus Snape

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    Post report week

    hello, game for a long time to travian and this week has been my first in this server the most fun is always work and ingenuity of your strategy to get the first 250 clubs (although obviously in the x2 or more are created but the first week, but they understand my idea ) ... bad or good rather the most suspicious and seen is the fact that the crecimiiento way too fast even x2 I think too much and something that always and had to deal with when game apart from bots and multiaccounting is with teams in one account, I do not understand that allow it if it travian to have the option to choose two representatives ... I understand how difficult it must be to control many players on as many servers, but if the team travian had the ingenuity to create such a fun game and balanced even for those who do not have resources to buy gold, I trust they found the way to solve these three problems that discourage a little time entering a new world.

    josl server

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    Post Qualification Report

    Qualification Report

    Written By: Poor Roman (Dual Dovy a.k.a DeToX)

    Alliance: The Company (Delta)

    I will try to keep it as short as possible... Write it in some form of diary, maybe throw in a few (bad) rhymes...

    (Sorry for the bad English spellings, punctuation, gramar and whatever... English is not my 1st Language).

    In the Land, between two seas,
    Where battles rage and friendships are made,
    Where cities grow and then they fall (a lot)...
    Fall... Get Obliterated... Destroyed quickly with a wrecking ball.

    We call this land a home, a home for dozens of Kings and Queens,
    The home of calmness, but mainly cold blooded wars.
    We call this land Travian (The Qualification Round Edition™)

    One of those Kings, whom shall stay strong, who shall fight for his brothers, comrades and clan members in stone harted bravery is named Sir. Poor Roman.

    He came across this land, together with his fierce comrades: the kind Sir. Clubless, the brave Sir. Epstalker, the annoying Sir. Dragon, the greedy Sir. DonateForPyro and many more... They shall fight hand to hand, they shall battle together with their clan and emerge victoriuos and triumphant...

    Enough of this pestering and bragging, I shall move to the story, which will be told from Sir. Poor Roman's Point of View.

    Wednesday, June 1st, 2016.

    It all began today, when my settlers have founded my new kingdom in the vast lands of Travian. The first days struggles were real, I fought for every piece of goods I could plunder and spent everything smartly and built my village as efficiently as I could.

    Sunday, June 5th, 2016.

    A few days have passed since my new kingdom has emerged. The Kingdom has grown stronger since, less struggle, bigger production... I have trained new group of settlers to go and explore the land further, to look for a place with plenty of crops to feed my upcomming army... Once found, they may settle down and build a new village to feed my empire, so I, nor my family, nor my people shall ever starve.

    By dawn the settlers have arrived to a perfect spot about 100 miles away from the capital. They built a little Town Hall, to store the goods they carried, to start the future of an upcomming great city, one of the strongest in the empire.

    Friday, June 10th, 2016.

    My kingdom was shooting forward fast. My people had crops for days... weeks... even months. The economy has grown so much that I was planning to expand my kingdom again and settle a new village tomorrow.

    All may sound well, but...

    Today some of my clans finest scouts have visited the furthest breaches of South West. They told us horrible stories, of the horryfing sights they saw. What did they see you may ask? They saw dozens upon dozens of new villages crammed together, maybe even a few hundred. They were new, of Sirs and Madams that were unheard of. No, no.. the Sirs and Madams did not even control these Kingdoms... The scouts terryfied and shaking were whispering words like: "it's unfair... No man, nor woman should do this... Bots.. Those towns and villages are controlled by bots." Robots as we may call, a new industry where no man has set his hands on building it, only strange and unfair mechanics.

    We are terrified, we prayed to gods that day and night. No one has answered our calls, so we may be doomed, we may not be. Who knows the future... we will see.

    Tuesday, June 14th, 2016. (Today)

    With no signs of the bot villages dissapearing, many events have happened today.

    The first of which was an unsucessful raid to a nearby village. The brave troops have gone and never came back, 24 of my finest imperians have died... I was shocked, upset and mostly MAD.

    So I have unleashed my rage on all of his kingdom, slaughtering his troops, murdering their families. All by myself, with a few brave horsemen who were willing to help me. Within few hours and hundreds, nearly a thousand of enemy casualties I have defeated him. Defeated him and murdered him in cold blood, left his villages empty, apart from his troops scattered bodies and the dust of my horse kicking away home in triumph.

    At midday, I got a visit from Sir. Clubless messenger, he has found a nearby town with a big fat bounty, only problem was it was well defended. So I, Sir. Clubless and two other clan members have marched to defeat it and plunder all the goods.
    My troops have made a rhyme(song) about this quest. It goes like this:

    "Four brave Heroes have set off on a mission,
    To defeat and slaughter enemy to his submission.
    Work as a team, bond and make a long lasting friendship,
    Fight hand to hand and tell a tale about their battling hardship.

    Once the troops were all defeated,
    And the mission to plunder was completed,
    It was time to share the bounty,
    But the heroes were too bad at counting.
    They were struggling to divide it smartly,
    Not enough was blamed partly."

    The End.

    I hope you all enjoyed reading it, as I enjoyed writing it.
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    Ave Caesar.

    Doleo referre sero et ego got prima hostibus interciperentur, quid sperare, non servos praetori dare animam suam pro militari rudimento rege caret defensore.

    Nostri, ut superioribus vicerunt contra aquilonem est facile et celeriter ut impendo aliis regionibus. Unius rei tempus, potestatem Caesaris Gallis atque Teutonis testentur.

    Speculatum misit ad nos tantum scio, sed omnia insidiis, non diu res vertere pro nobis. Consilium capere coguntur defensus in principio. Nos in acie fefellit Ares quod nobis omnibus sic coepi ad excursiones et impetus dui.

    Rex, nos non sumus te, et in acie nomen tuum hostes nostri Romani nominis tremunt cum audiunt.

    Quia periculosum moventur mittere verba mea, noli despicere animam meam et scient quia ego uxorem OK, vereor ne in acie non occidatis me uxor.

    Sena - Legatus Augusti pro praetore
    tx2 - Roman
    "Hail Caesar.
    I am sorry to report this late, the first letter that i sent got intercepted by our enemies, what to expect, slaves are not praetorians, they would give their life for their king but lack military training to defend him.

    Our troops have conquered the north-est front with ease, and soon we will expand upon other quadrants. It is only a matter of time, all gauls and teutons will witness the power of Caesar.

    I know we were only sent there to scout, but we got ambushed, it didn't take long for the situation to turn in our favor. In the beginning we were forced to adopt a defensive strategy. We soon found out that Ares was in the battlefield with us, so we started raids and attacks to all of the surroundings.

    My king, we have not failed you, we brought your name to the battlefield and now our enemies tremble when they hear the ROMAN name.

    Since it is a risky move to send words to my family, please let my wife know that i am ok, i fear that if the battlefield won't kill me, my wife would.

    Sena - Legatus Augusti pro praetore
    tx2 - Roman

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    dear ceaser

    your in my chair

    and here is the report of a skandi being killed

    now get up and and and scrub down the servers, bot reports are rife, if you allow them to continue then you will lose players.

    post re-assuring material that you are at least trying to do something.

    Good Day "Ceaser",


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    Wink Weekly Report

    Weekly Reports

    This is my weekly report. In the first 3 weeks of the game, many things have happened.

    Letís go through them one by one.


    Over the course of three weeks, trends have emerged. In the North-West, the dominating alliances are the Cin group of alliances. The MY alliance is also dominating the quadrant.

    In the North-east, things are a little more complicated. The Company group of alliances are currently dominating, but they face intense competition. The GOAT alliances are not far behind them and are also vying for the limelight, together with the NordWind alliances. One could argue that all three alliance groups are the best. There are also other strong alliances in the North-east trying to dominate. This is certainly an interesting quadrant to watch in the coming weeks, as the alliances battle it out.

    In the south-east, HellasDT is the dominant alliance. It seems to have total control of the quadrant. Another upside to this is that there are not many battles going on in the quadrant as players have no need to fight. Most players focus on growing their village in peace. Thus, if you want to play casually and have a peaceful time, the South-east is the perfect quadrant for you.

    The South-west is dominated by the HH and the 3rab alliances. There seems to be many players there. Other alliances are also found in the populous South-west, for example, GOAT-SW and Enigma.


    SInce this is an international tournament, it will definitely attract many great players. One example is Lord Aslan of Bravo. He is the famous author of strategy guides for starting Travian. Drama Queen of Alpha is the player that is currently leading the pack with more than 3000 pop in her 7 villages. Lord Aslan is second, and Jon Snow of HellasDT is third. The top 10 robbers of the week have not changed much since week two.


    In general, players are starting to found their third village in the game. The top players are starting to get catapults and some very unlucky people even have their village under attack by these players. Most of these attacks are successful, and many of their targets are croplocked or even reduced to 0 pop. Although most attacks are successful, some are not, and sadly for the attackers all their time and effort to train these troops went down the drain.

    Thank you for reading the weekly report. Be sure to read more every week from me!


    Nickname: Alloy

    Alliance: GOAT

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