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Thread: Midsummer? ROA?

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    Default Midsummer? ROA?

    I got back to the game after a couple of years. Midsummer and ROA got my attention, yet there is no information about those servers, such a shame! Or maybe im dumb? I've searched through the entire google and official Travian forums and couldnt find a thing.

    What is their profile, how much they differ from regular servers? Or is it still Travian 4.4 with but a special edition? Are those tournaments?


    EDIT: found something about ROA, it was posted just a while ago, sorry
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    midsummer server is a special multilanguage server for Nordic domains (SE, NO, DK, FI). It just runs in COM domain due to its multilanguage-ness.

    The Rise of Alliances is this year's annual special... and the beta version of it is running here in COM domain so that we can have a bug-free global release (fingers crossed).

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