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Thread: Is it a bird?

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    Lightbulb Is it a bird?

    There are people on this server who are affected by kryptonite for 12-16 hours a day and cannot play, yet it seems like they are invincible- even alien- in the other 8-12 hours of playtime they have. That's just imbalanced. Batman can't even. Multi. too strong for me. 70K-80K raid / hour!

    24 hours ago: 847,448
    Now: 1,626,796

    MH nerf that underwear guy please.

    Emma =^.^=

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    Hello Susano

    If you suspect someone of violating the rules of the game, that info needs to be sent into the MH for the server you are on. There is nothing we can do on the forum in regards to that aspect of the game.

    In case you did not know and for any new players, just go to 0|0 on the map and click on that village. It is where the MH's live.

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    Underpants Batman?
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