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    goodbye weed, dont use bots and multi counts the next server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Templar Knight View Post
    Since I am forwarding your complaints on my reports they do get sent to the areas that need to see them. You must also understand that there has been change for the good here of late. So looking at the larger picture I do see the positive aspect of this dialog and know thru experience that it will help get thing moving along for the better.
    I have sat back for a long time on this post and continually read the updated comments, it seems to be a very regular thing on the com domain.

    I would like to know what exactly it is that has changed?
    I have heard multiple shady stories already from the current comx round and the MH in question is still in charge of that server!!! That for me is by far the most shocking outcome of anything. If you say TG do actually listen and take into account the "players" opinions, then why does nothing ever change? The same goes for the customer service - really it shouldn't be called that at it, it is not a service and it certainly isn't anything like what a customer service should be. These guys should be embarrassed by their actions. Any other company would have sacked these guys a long time ago.

    I would to reiterate what others have said, and that is that this is nothing against yourself and I thank you for allowing this post to continue whilst verging on breaking rules at times and it seems that right now, you are the only way that any information/opinions of us little guys gets through to anyone.

    But it would be very nice to start seeing these "changes" because it seems to me that the only changes have been bugfixes and updates to the game.

    A company should take pride in it's customer service and within the way it's staff represent them, yet here they are ruining not only the game, but the image and reputation of a once great domain. It's shocking and I for one cannot understand why this is allowed to continue.

    Again, thanks for your effort, you seem to be a diamond in the rough over here!

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    Default Let’s Talk About Cheatings In TG – Dark Stories Behind A Top Account

    I’m a veteran in TG, but quit this game few years ago when T4 with all its stupid features and cartoons came along. The most successful acct I’ve played as main dual was “Outrider” in com3 2011 and com3 2012, both T2.5, the best and purest strategy game ever made. Outrider was extremely offensive and was constantly on the AoW list and occupied the No. 1 attacker of the server for a very long time. In 2011 we ended 2nd attacker and in 2012 also top 5 or top 3 (can’t recall now). In the 2011 server, we were so successful, we got over 50 medals in the end, among which we even got a medal for being AoW 10 weeks in a row. Most people have never seen such a medal before.

    What I’m about to share is not how we became so successful, but the hidden dark stories behind the success. First of all, let me get it straight, we didn’t cheat! Or, almost not. I have to commit, although we didn’t cheat, but we did benefitted from the massive cheating existed in this game. Now, my story will conclude real IGNs, I hope after all those years friends and enemies won’t get insulted.

    Back in 2010, I played solo on “yj41” acct and had absolutely no clue about cheatings. I’ve heard rumors about multies, pw sharing, spies, hacking etc, but never took notice of these things, until my acct was hacked. They sent both my hammers to hit our own WW villas and it was game over for me. But fortunately in that server I made a friend, Vlada, and we agreed to dual the next com3. We named that acct Outrider.

    We had a third dual, Nino. He was the perfect simmer and in the previous server he simmed one of the biggest acct of the server, the 60+ villages “ninokid”. I expected Nino to be a full time dual, but to my surprise I found an acct named “ninokid” in the new server. He admitted that it was him and told me not to worry, Outrider was safe. Then I learnt that if you login in a certain way to hide your IP, MH can’t detect you. Soon I learnt also that, even if you login different accts with the same IP, as long as you avoid suspicious resource exchanges, MH just looks the other way. It wasn’t OK for me though, I just accepted it by being polite. To my bigger surprise I found out that Nino was maintaining not only “ninokid”, but dozens accts in all 4 quads. In fact he registered one new acct every Monday. Some of these multies were so successful, they joined different alliances and one of them even made wing leader in enemy alliance. I was like, wow, WTF! I was having trouble playing one acct, and how was it possible someone to play on some 20-30 accts? Vlada, my main dual, tried to comfort me by saying: “At least Nino is playing the accts himself, using no bots”. Well, maintaining so many accts is hard, you’ve got to give him that. Later on, when Outrider was under attack and when I saw defense flooding in from different multies, I started to make my peace with them.

    For defense we founded our private alliance, recruiting smaller accts around us and training them for the main alliance as well. The attempt was a success and we recruited dozen of players. But one caught our attention. Before recruiting we always sitter checked them. This guy had no unnecessary building in his villa and from the IGMs he exchanged with other players we discovered that he had deeply understanding of T2.5 and the differences with T3.6. Although we suspected that it was a spy acct, we decided to recruit the guy and use his defense. If he refused, we’d kick him out and farm him. During an organized ally attack, this guy asked us which the real target was, at that moment we were 100% certain of him spying. We gave him a false target. Three days later he deleted, knowing that he got made. I always suspected that it was Arak, the enemy alliance leader in SW, behind that acct, but I had no proof. Few weeks later, Arak was banned and took a huge punishment, 60% pop lost. Rumors were saying that he enslaved some smaller players, forcing them to offer a daily resource tribute. But the punishment seems too big for this kind of illegal action. It got to be multies. If anyone still remembers the incident and knows the inside story, please enlighten us.

    When the server was 3-4 months old, we engaged at war with a SW player named “Yaris” (or “Yashit”, not sure). Vlada told me, this Yaris is one men one alliance, means that his multies can make a full alliance. And Nino confirmed it. I don’t know if they had proof, but after we cata’d all Yaris villages and forced him in deletion, many people were astonished how we did it against all his multies, not mentioning the reinforcement he’d get from his alliance.

    In the meantime, we had many requests from our allies, asking us to remove some certain farms from our farming list. People don’t tell you directly – It is my multi, just tell you that it’s his friend. One guy even demanded like this: “Hey, reset your bot, don’t farm XXX acct!” Well, because we were constantly on the RoW, people were certain that we used bot.

    Generally speaking, it seems that multies and cheatings are an open to everyone secret.

    Next year, we were back with Outrider. But Vlada left the acct in the early game. Luckily I found a new dual, a crazy Irish, Normy. Nino continued his multi party, registering new accts everywhere. I got used to it and all its benefits.

    That server we found lots of accts around us named like this, “afawer” “qwerqwrt” etc. They never gave out resources, you’d always hit some defense there and their pop growth was very similar. They are multis running by bots, no doubt. The new comers in the quad, a Polish team and a Korean team, were accused and we were at war with them. One day our alliance leaders were yelling, “we’d never ally with those cheaters”, the other day we found ourselves merged with them. Anyway, then I met the Lady on “The Lady” acct.

    She was a nice Polish lady, helped us in defense many times. I wasn’t surprised any more when I saw defenses coming from those multies with odd IGNs. She never admitted that she was the actual owner of those accts, just told us that someone else was running them. Guess we didn’t really want to know neither.

    In 2013, com3 started as the last classic T3.6 server. With Vlada, Normy or Nino not to be found, I didn’t want to start a so demanding acct like Outrider all alone. So I registered a small acct to play defense and to observe. Couple of months later, I found an old friend, who agreed to dual with me on a new Outrider. Having a late start, we must catch up fast. So I spoke with The Lady. She was generous, called ally push for us twice. And she continued to push us secretly from those someone-else-running mutlies. I had to admit, I enjoyed those tons of resources without any guilt. The Lady also told me about people paying real money for resources from multies like these. I should be astonished, but I wasn’t.

    On the forum, people accuse others of cheating, but rarely with any proof, and with former or current MH respond like: “It’s not possible playing 30 accts without being caught”. Furthermore, no one had the gut to stand and say: “Yes, I’ve cheated as well”. I hope other would join me and tell things as they really happened in this game.

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to share my thoughts as they might be helping the TG Customer Service to understand how much important these issues are to us and therefore how much important should be to them..

    I've been playing since 2008. Gold user half that time.

    Only violated the rules of travian once, on my first server as I did not know that multi-accounting is against the rules. I'd like to believe that I am aggressively against using add-ons, bots, etc. Haven't had a multi or played with a bot yet, I like to play travian the traditional way (usage online, analytics, effort) .. I believe that any attempt made whilst playing travian legally counts much more than any success made whilst playing travian illegally. However, I have played (and won) servers whilst having co players that used this type of help (bots, etc) extensively.. Recently I've even had one of those bot experts as a member in the leadership, responsible to be a sitter (through his bots of course) to co-players that had to be away from their accounts for a period longer than a week. It's impressive what a bot can do in all possible ways.. but its killing the game. I Still remember braking a keyboard back in T3.4 for having made 14 waves in the same second.. I wont allow any bot take that fun away from me.

    I just finished a server where the MH not just looked away, even themselves had multi accounts (fake accounts) registered on the server so that the adequate number of players would be met.. Its a common secret, everyone knows about it.. Through out the server multi accounts were obvious from week 1.. players were even having the same password on different accounts and weren't banned.. garages? HA. every player had 2. What was the result? the MH banned 20% of the total players in the server, 5 days before the server ended, after all defense was already in WW and most hammers were sent.. that was all! Anyway, if I start with the examples, I think I'll tire you and since I want to keep this post / thread open since its on the borderline, in hopes that TG would finally understand what paying "users" want, I' ll just say that I'm going to be trying out the tournament as a last chance of.. trying to enjoy this game.. I'm hoping that at least within 10k players, the ones violating the rules would be less than the ones violating the rules in regional servers, which I 'm almost certain that regarding the regional servers of my country, it must be more than 90% of the players..

    My suggestion? Separate the servers. Create servers where there are no limitations of script/ bot usage and allow players to go free and show their ... "skills". Who knows, TG might make more money this way, BUT at the same time, create servers where the detection of such help/ add ons is done within the first 24 hours of registering an account that violates the rules. Sounds hard? well, just don't allow proxy servers and give lifetime ban to IP addresses for multi-accounting and bot usage.. that's a good start I guess.

    Be safe, thanks for reading.
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    @click4fun you have several good points I believe and separating the servers is a very good one according to me. thx!

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