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Thread: IGM-error

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    Unhappy IGM-error

    I'm not sure if this should be in this thread or in the bugs thread, but this just happened again and it's been a huge aggravation for me for years.

    I just typed out a long message and despite what I think was normal discourse to an alliance mate, when I pressed send, I was told my message violated the terms of message sending and *I COULD NOT RECOVER MY MESSAGE.*

    If I pressed back my message was gone and I was back to the blank compose-message screen. TG has never been clear as far as I can tell on what constitutes an inadmissable message(at least I can't tell when I violate their filters), so this is enraging as I had typed a couple of paragraphs and created links etc. that it'll be a real pain to recreate.

    Can whomever is in charge of these content filters see to both 1) clarify what is and is not permissible in a IGM between alliance friends, and 2) if I violate that accidentally, see that my composed message is saved so that I can correct it?
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    Hello Paulpd

    Since we cannot see exactly how your message was written or what links you added, it would only be speculative answers you get here about that. Your best bet would be to contact the MH for your server and see if they can take a look and see if it could be recovered. Also you can ask them what type of stuff will trigger that.

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