Hi there,

So I started travian-ing again, and I see some really cool features added, so thought I could suggest a few, that would make the experience more pleasant - well its more of a feature than a new idea

What I am suggesting is

1. Being a raider, I find it constantly annoying to see many un-read reports, would be nice for a change if I could set what kind of report I want to be notified about, for example ( raids = raids/attack )
Only display raids with full bounty
Only display raids that had so many no of troops
Only display raids where there were troop causality ( here you can also allow a player to set a variable percentage of losses against the "value" of the troops sent etc)

These kind of basic filtering will allow your existing players to get a little more comfortable and highlight only the aspects they want to be notified of. This feature is more of adding additional filter, so will not be affecting the game-play in any radical manner.

2. Time yet to expire on construction - this feature could be implemented along with Travian Plus, where in, along with how many constructions are active in each village ( 1-2 ), you could give an over view of the total amount of time still remaining.
This kind of feature will help players from individually going into each village and checking the remaining construction time

Point 1: Filter on attack/raid reports
Point 2: Over-view of total time remaining for construction

- arjun