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Thread: Travian Legends x2 speed

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    Default Travian Legends x2 speed


    This is a question related to qualification rounds and finals for Travian Legends.

    I'm interested to know details about this type of servers, such as detailed tasks quests that appear there, culture points requirements for villas (especially for the 2nd one), production and general differences between the x2 and the x1 servers.

    Moreover, is there currently anywhere in the world any server with the same speed (x2) active?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hello Click4fun

    I will try to help you out some here.......

    1, Detailed task list can be found in ANSWERS
    2, CP for all villages can also be found in ANSWERS
    3, Production of any speed can be found in ANSWERS
    4, The difference between x2 and x1 is just that. Normal servers run at normal speed (x1) and speed servers depending on what type run x2 faster then a normal or x3 faster then a normal.

    There are Travian servers on different country domains including the .COM's as we have several faster servers running right now.

    Hope this helps and also replied to your message.
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    It helped me a lot! Thank you very much!

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