Some thoughts that Travia Games might find useful..

After reading posts in 3-4 domains (including com), I have to admit that the good news is, it seems that users are complaining about the same or similar issues. If I had to pin point it to 1 big problem, that would be that Travian users are declining in an alarming rate and I suspect that this is mainly because the rate of new users simply.. its disappointing. Travian is dying. The objective of this post is my personal effort to help TG to bring this game to its former glorious days. It took me some time to write this post so thank you in advance if you were patient enough to read it all. Looking forward to anyone’s comments.

The big problem:

User’s interest on Travian is gradually declining and the rate of new users in this game is too small.

You (TG) must analyze better the market and your customers. Big debate who qualifies as “user" and/ or as “customer” nowadays.. I'd like to believe that you consider all users as customers but my personal opinion is that we are all users until we start using gold, in which case we qualify as customers. Without having made any polls, as per my personal experience after 8 years and 3 domains, results show that you simply don't seem to care enough about users and especially beginners in this game. Big mistake. I believe the solution lies with the beginners, there are simply not enough beginners on each server that would grow into paying customers and help the veterans keep their interest on this game. There must be a way to help grow those new users into paying customers. In other words, help beginners not lose their interest right away.

My suggestions:

(1) Create servers for beginners only.

Some prerequisites may be: No veterans allowed in the server. No additional gold usage available other than the gold given at the start of the Game. More limitations in farming. Less limitations into developing the account (e.g more Culture Points points awarded). Or simply have it in x3 speed. This should help a beginner grow the confidence and obtain the knowledge needed, to take the risk and play on a server along with veterans.

(2) Finally win the battle with cheaters. Players who play with multi accounts and/ or with bots, primarily.

It's amazing how you haven't yet managed to find a way to be able to find cheaters faster. All I know is that the speed on which cheaters are found, is not fast enough. Not sure if it's an issue of tools (software design) or human error (Multihunter's skills). I have to point out that I have great respect towards Multihunters as must be hard to do and on top of that, as far to my knowledge, its voluntary work, wow. Nevertheless, the truth is that cheaters are winning the race.

My suggestions:

2a. Have more than 1 Multihunters on each server and/ or update/ develop the software(s) a Multihunter uses. One Multihunter is simply not enough to do the work with the tools given, in the time required. Is it really that hard to find out within 24 hours who is playing with a dual account and/ or who is developing an account with a bot?

2b. Run a server on each domain with no limitation on cheating but be more strict on all other servers. One server per domain with no limitations on scripts/ bots/ multi-accounting.. who knows, maybe this way you might make more money! Maybe the future is to.. legalize multi-accounting lol. All I know is that there has to be more results into finding those cheaters and personally, I'm not willing to participate and invest money on a game that I know others will be able to have the same -or most probably better results- by investing less time, effort and most possibly less money or none at all.

(3) Re-evaluate the user interface by veterans.

Progress is being made on this subject (e.g “merging troops" is postponed until further notice) however, everyone is nostalgic about the old type of servers.. Not sure if anyone is doing anything about that but truth is you’re not doing enough, as number of users is dropping. Travian v5.0 looks even more towards the path that leads nowhere.. who exactly is the target group? I know that globally the average trend setter is becoming younger in age on a yearly basis but I strongly believe that the average user/ customer is required to have attributes that are not found easily on a teenager.. Is the development team really listening to user feedback? Are they even playing the game? lol. How about asking the top players of this game to see what they have to say? Big debate now who can be considered as a top player as most who are in the top 100 in the global ranking, seem to be either super humans or have had the help of scripts, to reach where they are. Nevertheless, I'm sure you can find a few hundred veterans from all domains that can help you understand what the average customer wants from this game..

4) Calculate the numbers of servers required and their starting date so that standards are met and analysis is more accurate.

The current number of servers is simply.. too many! x1, x2, x3, TL, RoA, TK.. instead of trying to keep the interest of paying customers by trying to find a different formula of the product (thus creating actually a new product), how about simply upgrading the existing version of the product?

More thoroughly,

Implement preset dates on when the servers start and finish, you'd be able to analyze the users better. A simple example:

x1 server: January - August and May - December (6 months each with an overlap of 4 months, no break).
x2 server: January - April and June - October (4 months each, with a break of 2 months each time in between) and
x3 server: February - March, May - June, August - September and November - December (2 months each, with a break of 1 month each time in between)

This way, with less servers that have pre set starting and finishing dates, users will respond better and that must mean more money for you. You may come to the conclusion that x1 server is.. too slow, who knows! My personal opinion is that an ideal server would be Travian Legends type, x2 speed with attributes added from RoA regarding the alliance bonuses, that promotes team work, bravo. Instead of spreading the users and giving them the illusion of being among the best in a insignificant server with 1/10 of participants compare to the past, how about giving them servers that guarantee double the participation immediately? This is a war game. Isn’t competition what makes users into becoming paying customers?

5) Organize the connection between servers - forums - TG better.

As per my humble opinion, there seems to be a gap between Online gaming/ servers, forums and TG HQ.. Progress is being made (user requests are being met in general) but.. not fast enough. It's been 9 years guys, the end result still seems to be a combination of hard work from Multihunters and forum admins combined with an unprofessional team of developers living in Germany. One look into the website and or YouTube channel would give any potential user the impression that this is still a startup.. how about investing some of money that you’ve gained from customers into this game?

More thoroughly

Start putting people on the payroll. Questionnaires for user feedback every time a server ends. Multihunter's evaluation by users. Forum administration more open to discussion/ debate. Frequent polls with results being directly reviewed by TG development team. Professional announcement with winners on each round, domestically and in the tournament. Prices on each server, not just in the tournament. Actually, re-design the tournament, its been 3-4 years and still looks like a beta version.

This is just some of the ideas that I wanted to share, thank you for your attention, good luck to everyone.