1. Alliance Glorious War - A war that every alliance member can send their troops to the war location/coordinate. All of the alliance troops will gather and will fight to the enemy alliance. In short a big war of alliance power. Like what we saw in medieval war were the nation will gather all their forces and fight the opponent force face to face with their forces.

Quantity might matters but what matter the most is the set up of of the Alliance leader of
where will they put the soldiers rear, front, vanguard, etc. their should be an option.
also an option of when will the archer attack, when will the phalanx defend, what formation to use.
when will the cavalry attack, also an option for priority to attack specific troops, priority to evade specific troops, etc.

2. Quest for the Peace - Send the gathered troops of alliance to the random location where the evil/monsters horde settle their camp. Mission rewards will be unique items that can only obtain from that quest.