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    Default task master

    here I see that
    When asked if you would like to do quests and you select no, after confirming you are presented with this table by the questmaster.

    So you can instantly claim 1 days Travian Plus and 15 Gold and can collect the amounts of each resource shown every 10 hours. Note that once a timer decreases to zero the next timer does not start until you collect the resources from the questmaster.

    I did it, and I fetched the plus, but then the task master disappeared, and I see no way to collect the rest of the reward. Someone knows how can I collect the rest of the reward?

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    That is on version 3.6. For 4 and above.
    "RewardLevel 2 woodcutter, level 1 clay pit, level 2 crop field, level 1 rally point, 24 hours Plus account, 10 gold"

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    He cheated you, bro. He's running away with yo' loot.
    I recommend getting a lawyer.

    There sure are bad taskmasters in this day and age.
    Not even safe to walk the streets anymore.
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