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Thread: 60 Hours till Artefacts

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    Default 60 Hours till Artefacts

    Forum still dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deux ex machina View Post
    Forum still dead?
    Apparently so.

    I got bored so done some pre-arte stats.

    Alliances Members Location Pop avg Attack avg Defence avg
    EE-ANK, TDE, NB, Havoc and NFL 213 NW with Havoc in NE and NFL in NE and SE 4210 5741 2975
    Warriors, Warr!ors, WarrIors, LNRS 190 SW with some in the SE/SW border 5238 8921 2089
    NE, NE2, Akin 118 NE mainly with some scattered AKin members all over the map 2838 7221 3138
    SS, DS-DOS 75 SE 2988 4507 1810
    PlebS, PlebR 68 SW with a big chunk around the SW/SE WW 2815 6200 2761

    The North West is completely wrapped up with TDE, EE-ANK & NB being the only alliances there so all North West artefacts will be a breeze for them.

    The South West, controlled by warriors has alot of Pleb members in, makes you wonder why they've not been removed by the warriors meta yet - They'll regret that if pleb steal some artes, though holding on to them might be another matter for Pleb

    Even though SS and D-Dos have a big presence in the South East, I'm expecting to see NFL steal alot of South East artefacts and also dominate the North East too. With the help of their NW friends I can't see NE standing much chance in stealing any artes from NFL or keeping hold of many either

    Will be intersting to see how the next couple of weeks pan out and who can keep hold of artefacts but due to their coverage of 3 quads, the EE-ANK meta should dominate the race. sharing artefacts might become an issue though, time will tell.

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    i don't like this server

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