I am playing a top acc on the TT server, I am a roman with a 15c 150% lvl 16 fields, already have 2 hammers (one is running also a GB 24/7) and raiding more than 10th top raider (just started raiding), on the account we are playing in 2 but from same timezone, GMT +1 and +2. Looking for a dual in america or australia regions to help when we are asleep since we can't send farmlist for 3 hrs every night.
If you are looking for fun then message me, raiding income is higher everyday, hammer is bigger everyday, with a 3rd dual we can start affording GS 24/7 too since he would also cover our losses that occur while we sleep. Let me know if you are willing to play tournaments biggest roman hammer or not.

PS: Not important that you spend gold since acc already has a lot of it stored, I just need someone dedicated with time enough to send list and cover our offline times with some simming too, no need to update farm list, I do that everyday all day.
Please let me know if interested.