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Thread: [RM] - Rigor Mortis: Members wanted.

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    Exclamation [RM] - Rigor Mortis: Members wanted.

    First of all take a look at us and see if WE look like the type of alliance you want to be in.

    These are our specifications for entry:-

    1) Pop of 200 and over.

    2) Active at LEAST once a day. (special circumstances may apply)

    3) English speaking, or be able to comminicate on a decent level.

    4) SW Situated. Non-negotiable.

    5) Age isnt a problem, assuming you're able to act mature at least occasionally.

    6) Peaceful playing is fine for a while, but we expect you to at least farm every so often for obvious reasons.

    7) Forum checks are necessary a few times a week, especially when things are going on.

    We like to help each other out with resources, so if you're not a very sharing person you might not be welcome!

    We're a friendly bunch and try to be as accomodating as we can where possible.

    Our main strength right now is our closely-knit villages. We're only 5 minutes apart so its ideal for support, trade and re-inforcement should we need to.

    Any questions please feel free to shoot me a message. G'day guys.

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    Oh, i forgot to say. My IGN is Swollenmember. You can also message me there too. (I check that more often.)

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    I've been getting messages from people with under 200 pop.
    It seems we may be a bit too expectant of people to have over 200 and want to join a small alliance like ours.
    I will amend this as follows:

    -Min pop 150

    You must still be in the same quadrant, however.

    Thnx for your understanding.


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