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    The timelords are a branch of an online gamming community called the Conclave ( are members having been playing browser games for several years now, the main one being Ogame, But as intrest in Ogame vanished we searched out a new a game Travian. Our alliance now has 24 members and is ranked 194(at date of post). But as ever we are always looking for new friends to enjoy the game with

    What do we expect of you?

    1. Your population to be above 100
    2. Your villages are anywhere,we have members all across the map but with majority in SW
    3. You are very active, logging on at least once every two days.
    4. You are active on our Forum.
    5. You are willing to lose armies to defend fellow members
    6. You are not a moron

    What do we offer you?

    1. External Forum
    2. Support
    3. Our own TS sever, and IRC
    4. A good bunch of people to get to know and play with
    5. Many trades in the alliance.
    6. Prize for competions.
    7. Our communtiy also plays other online games, such as CC:S, BF2, BF1942, WoW and many more.

    The Recuiters are:

    So if you are interested to join our alliance, just talk to any member of the allaince to get to see if you like the people.
    when applying, Write an good message in English to CCPheonix,with the following things:

    1. Your population
    2. Your motivation(main goals atm)
    3. Your tribe.
    4. Your army size
    5. Your experience(Time, servers and achievements)
    6. Your playstyle (Defend, Neutral or Aggressive)
    7. Other online games that you play

    You will then have to register on

    Best Regards,
    Passive aka CCPheonix diplo of TL
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    Still looking for more players

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    Can I join?

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