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    Dark Shado

    Default Building Empires

    I think after you have conquered 10+ villages you should be able to conduct a Empire.

    A Empire would be kinda like a Allaince but you could have more members more options and more overall jobs.

    And The empire founder's capital would be were the empire would be.

    So people in the empire could visit the empire and trade and stuff.

    I think this would be fun for all players.

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    hmm yeah,but for an idea u have to be a bit more precise then,u could have more options and stuff,could be fun.if u wanna propose something,do it in a proper way

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    this isnt getting in. First of all you didnt post nearly enough details (none). Secondly think about the gameplay.
    Would mean only a player with more then 10 villages could start such a big ally. And what if one of those meta allies use this to make 100 gigantic wings.

    Would ruin the game imo

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