United States Army


We are a growing alliance in the speed round. Our greatest strength is the support we offer one another. It is emphasized that to become and remain a member, you must offer your support to alliance members and allies. United is a part of our name for a reason!

What do we expect of you?

1. You are very active
2. You have at least 1 sitter.
3. You are active on our Forum- registration in our private forum is MANDATORY.
4. You are not afraid to battle with us. You will help your alliance.
5. You have experience or act on the advice and mentoring from senior members.
6. You must read IGM's from alliance leadership within 24 hours.
7. You must send troops when ordered.
8. You are not a farm of another player and do all in your power to prevent being farmed!

What do we offer you?

1. External Forum
2. Support
3. Friendship and Fun
4. Action
5. Many trades in the alliance.
6. Handy tools and nice competition on our Forum.

The Recuiters are:
MaDukes, Zerokiller, n?a

So if you are interested to join our alliance, just ask them.
Write an good message in normal English with the following things:

1. Your population
2. Your army size
3. Your experience(Time, servers and achievements)
4. Your playstyle (Defend, Neutral or Aggressive)

We don't want simcity players who have a big population and no army.

For more information, sent an PM to me on the forum.
Only post here if you got an good reason.

Best Regards,
USA+SE Alliance