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Thread: DBUK (Death By UK) now recruiting on World 3

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    Default DBUK (Death By UK) now recruiting on World 3

    Hello there! Looking for an alliance on World Server 3??? Then you might just be in luck!!

    Death By UK originally started as a Halo 2 clan which has progressively moved across many different games. Initially we were all from the UK and had a good laugh online. Since moving to games such as World of Warcraft we have expanded our horizons and welcomed players from all over the world!!

    Our newest venture is Travian. We are enjoying it very much and a lot of the original DBUKers are playing. We generally like to have fun, but we also take gaming seriously.

    We are expanding our alliance at the moment and invite any like minded players to join us. We are spread over the map but have concentrated forces in each area.

    If you are looking to join us please be aware of the following prerequisites:

    1. You must be an active player
    2. You must be able to defend yourselves (unless you are very new and we will help you to grow)
    3. You must always conduct yourself in a courteous manner
    4. You must be willing to help other players by commiting you own resources where necessary
    5. You must be willing to accept and give advice
    6. You must not abuse our trust

    If you think you wouldlike to be part of a good alliance then please message Bennyboyp or Wrank on game server 3.

    Also, please feel free to check out our website - - and register on our forum. It will be having a bit of a 'facelift' soon so that we will have a dedicated Travian section.

    Thank you for your time.

    Benny - DBUK Co-Founder

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    Default Good response so far!

    Thank you to all who have messaged me in game. We are considering all applications at this time.

    It's not too late if you haven't already messaged me. We will expand the emabssy to suit the requirements of any and all players who wish to join.

    Best regards,

    Benny - DBUK Co-Founder

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