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Thread: The Lords Alliance

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    Default The Lords Alliance

    The Lords Alliance

    Founded By Elysium-Rose

    The lords alliance has 3 wings off the main one

    The main aspect of this allianc is loyalty
    Loyalty will earn you rewards and aid if need be

    The main rules are to honour all naps and alliances that we have in place
    To remain active (at least once a day)
    To not make wars . We are a peaceful alliance until attacked

    The combined mite of all our wings together ranks us in the top 200

    If you are interested in joining
    Aplly to any lords alliance

    Type in LOTW into the alliances section and talk to anyone in the alliance about joining

    Or talk to me Elysium-Rose

    Divided We Fall:
    United We Stand
    For the glory of the Roman Empire
    Hail ceaser Elysium-Rose
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    Good times...

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