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Thread: "Official" comx dual thread

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    Default "Official" comx dual thread

    There are so many dual threads out there that I decided to condense them into 1 clean thread. So now post for a dual here to take the load off the mods.
    This post has been carefully reviewed by al3jandr0. It is therefore certain to be both insightful and witty/clever. This post is my gift to you. Enjoy your enlightenment.

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    I'm looking! :]

    I'm on GMT +8, and need at least 1 other player who can play 4PM - 12PM GMT.
    I play Gaul (aggressively) & I use Gold.

    I'm looking for someone with as much experience as I do with playing Gauls [1 year+].

    That's about it, PM me!

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