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Thread: !! Searching for a dual !!

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    Default Dual Uk5

    Ok we're looking for a dual for; Sheep Lovers
    On travian uk5

    Heres a list of our "stats" I.e how good we are or whatever :
    Pop Rank:
    6. Sheep Lovers Beware 10031 15
    Off rank:
    5. Sheep Lovers 10031 15 108058
    Def isn't worth mentioning

    We have one of the biggest if not the biggest army on the server, very aggressive tueton
    Been in raiders loads, Like 20 Medals? at least 10 of them over rank 3
    Leader of an alliance "Beware"

    We've lost a few duals recently so we're looking for at least one more to bring numbers back up. We currently have 3:
    Me (Trouble)

    We're looking for a dual who can:
    Buy gold and log in for at least 4 hours a day

    As you've probably noticed we're quite fun loving so a sense of humor is a must I'm in a bit of a rush so Skype me for more details:


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    Default Any 1 needs dual on s5 invite (Only Gold Players)

    I am looking for s5 server gold account to play. If any 1 would like to invite me as dual then please pm me on skype: chandannasta

    I was in Pantheon wing earlier and we won the WW. So any 1 who invites me should be able to buy 800 gold for himself everymonth. Remember I wont buy a single gold for him. So any gold Member from s5 server can invite me.

    I am online as per Indian timings. From 5:30pm evening till 7:30am Morning. I can play 14/7 all the time.

    I am a offensive player and like the account should be rading 24/7. So the server has started juz now. So if you invite me soon I can give you atleast 150000 troops. But if you invite me later then I wont be able to help.

    Remember that the owner should buy gold and not me. The more you purchase gold the more I can built up yr troops faster.

    Experience from past 5 yrs in most of the travian servers.

    Chandan N

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    Default Dual on S3

    We have two people on our account now but im lookin to make it a Triple account

    Top:700 Attackers
    Aggressive teuton account

    Requirements for joining
    Have alot of experiance with teutons
    Raid Raid Raid

    message me your GMT time zone years of Exp and if i think you qualify ill give you the account info so we can get our team assembled

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    I looking for duals.
    Server is frx.

    -Attacker top 100
    -140 population
    -800+ army
    -very good robbers

    -Good farmer

    SKYPE: Vunix_Legend

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    Quote Originally Posted by frostalchemist View Post
    still looking
    still looking. the link may not work, so dont click on it. if you want to dual with us, you have to play when im at school( Monday-Friday, 6:00am-4:00pm) this is in my timezone(UTC-8 ), so you might have to convert the times. as an update, we now have a over a 1:1 troop: pop. we are in the top 200 attackers and have raided 125k this week so far. we are close to getting our next village too.

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    Default dual needed

    Hey everyone.

    We are in need of some duals for a top20 roman account , best roman account on the server.

    First roman to 2nd , 3rd and 4th Village. Have been in and trailing top10 robbers and with new duals we should stay in top10 robbers. In best alliance.

    We need a dual or two from anywhere who have some experience and are active and able to raid.

    Send me a PM if you are interested and I will give you more details.

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    Looking for dual

    Account info:
    Rank:2k+(started 2 and a half weeks late)
    Troops:Currently raiding with TT(building more currently)
    Off point in the top 700(due to clearing out farms)
    Account online time (6am-1am)GMT+8

    So dual needs to be in 1am-6am GMT+8 to keep the TT on raids
    Anyone interested pls add me at skype : xiiao-joe

    Back on s3 classic 2010-2011 after a long break from travian

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    Looking for an experienced dual on Com5 (Teuton)

    It's a Teuton account, the server just started about 2 days ago, and we are starting to raid.

    About us:

    Players from all over the world
    All have at least 3 years experience (most have more)
    Gold users
    Very active

    What we need:

    You MUST be able to play at least during 11-14 (11am-2pm) GMT +0 time. Those are the 3 hours we do not have covered.
    You need to be experienced and understand how to raid with Teutons.
    Able to follow directions
    Speak pretty good English

    We will be buying gold, so it would be nice if you bought some too. Being active is the most important factor though.

    If you are interested, contact me on Skype: Kylllllle (there's 6 l's)

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    Default Looking for a dual

    I am looking for a dual on the new travian 4 beta

    I am in Toronto (-5 est) and am looking for some one who is on the oposite side of the clock.

    I have many years of experience on travian as a Roman, and I need someone who also has many years of experience as a Roman. Ive never been part of a dual account though.

    Tribe: Roman
    Allliance: Top 10
    Account: top 1000
    Play Style: Conservative, I raid whenever possible, and I also have many experience as a defensive gaul. Hoping for someone who is a bit on the aggressive side.

    You need to have skype, as we need to comunicate a lot ( you should speak good english)

    Gold is not necsesary

    PM me if this is you

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    Default Dual

    Hello there,

    I am looking for a dual for my Gaullic account on
    Talking about an offensive account, but we will sim our way up.

    Six years of experience myself, so I would only accept serious applications.

    It would be nice if your timezone is like GMT-5 or GMT+7. Communication is the key so Skype is a must. You should also speak proper English.

    Contact me if you feel interested.


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