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Thread: !! Searching for a dual !!

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    Default !! Searching for a dual !!

    Read before posting!

    Post your request here when you search for a Dual. If you are interested in an offer please contact the player via PM and don't reply here, else it would be too chaotic.

    All other threads dealing with this topic will be deleted.


    This is a note from Moderators: Only .com duals are acceptable to be posted in this thread. Posts looking for duals outside of .com servers will be deleted. So please do not post looking for a dual, for ukx as an example. The Announcement can be found here:
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    I need a one or two experienced dual for 1530 to 2400.

    Maybe you need some information:
    Troops:around 20

    You need to state where you from and available time.Just pm me.
    I am a Hong Kong people ,so that i can make use of 2400 - 1600.

    I need your help to make raiding efficient.

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    I'm searching for a dual on a Gaul account, com8, top 20 alliance.

    If interested, PM me with some info about yourself (timezone, online time, experience, ...) and your e-mail adress. More info will be sent to your e-mail.


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    i Am looking for five duals on sever 10

    my server name is taylor


    at least can be on 2 hours a day any time zone
    i whould prefer if you could buy gold but you dont have too
    at leaset 1 server finished

    okay send me a private message if you are intrested

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    Looking for duals on 3x speed
    already 2 players play
    Faction : Gauls
    Gold : not needed
    Mines : already very high

    Player has to be willing to raid alot and be teamplayer your tactics will be welcome
    if you are from US Canada Asia or Australia send msg here
    we communicate with skype and msn
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    Searching for a dual on COMX
    We are romans heading for EI's fast. We are 3 players and only need to fill some time between 5:30 and 15:30 GMT 0.
    If interested PM me

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    i am giving anyone as my dual no requirments

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    Default Co-Player (comx)

    I need a co-player that can online at 10am-2pm(HK),that is 2am-6am(comx)
    I am a roman
    If you want to do ,please add

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    Exclamation Com 6

    You like to play Travian?
    You're an expert with Teutons?
    You're a farmmashine ?
    You buy gold?
    You like to destoy player^^?

    Then we need you!

    Account now:
    top 90
    deff: top 15
    off: top 150
    Just 2000 ressis more then we would be raider of the week!
    Many troops

    Account future:
    top 10 in pop
    off at least top 10
    Raider of the week ^^

    Wanna join? Send a PM!

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    Default Multiple Duals needed, S7

    Looking for duals of GMT +6/+8 and GMT -6/-8 for S7 when it begins, no need to buy gold, I don't.

    About me:
    4-5 Years experience
    Lots of endgame experience (Creating and using massive hammer armies, as well as organizing defense)
    Will ONLY play as aggressive Roman/Gaul

    Message with any extra questions,

    Starting the searching for S7 early because I want everything to be organized as it begins, outstanding applications from different time zones then specified will also be considered, hopefully a Quad-account can be set-up so 24 hours a day the account will be active

    What I need from YOU:
    EXPERIENCE as aggressive raiding Roman/Gaul
    ACTIVITY during the GMT hours you can work around
    Msn (preferably) or Skype

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