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Thread: Battlereports

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    In what looks like my gloomiest server, I realized I still got it after these squabbles with 2 much larger players:
    Run in with the larger player.
    Smaller of the giants attack on me.
    My attack on them.
    His larger buddy's retaliation on one of my smallest villages.
    My retaliation.
    His retaliation.
    His message:
    no subject
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    Whatever the Slam can take it to the bank,its golden.

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    I am newbe in travian. Trying to farm on abandoned villages near by. Was farming on this one for two day until met some resistance. I am assuming intention of this was to do some damage and stuff. I am lucky I have got hero on my side

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    Default 9 Chiefs Died Here

    The first attacks:

    Another attacker from different ally.

    And that was my good bye to the server. My account will be deleted in a couple of hours, and I keep all my villages!!!
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    Default Travian's biggest idiot award

    Woohoo! Yeah, lookit that! Such a tiny attacking force, and STILL manages to take out a small defense, two woodcutters, and the chief sitting there. Well all riiiiigght!!

    ...wait a minute. Isn't that MY village? Isn't that MY village with almost the same name as my croplocked village that I sent some catas to help get into positive crop production? And aren't those the offensive units I sent out with the catas so that they could dodge an incoming?

    Oooh. Suddenly I don't feel too good.

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    just want to share these:

    [Legionnaire] [Praetorian] [Imperian] [Equites Legati] [Equites Imperatoris] [Equites Caesaris] [Battering Ram] [Fire catapult] [Senator] [Settler] [Hero]
    Units 0 0 5500 0 1 2882 195 250 0 0 1
    casualties 0 0 5500 0 1 2882 195 250 0 0 1

    Guide Compilation|Helpful Links|FAVS|DSR|AoG

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    Default Cacofonix's Last Stand...

    "You caused a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Would have been great to have you in our wing."

    ~Arx (Legion-A)


    Please let me share with you my last hurrah!

    Firstly clearing Alynutza from my 7x7...

    Followed by conquering

    Followed by conquering

    Then working outwards, to crop kill her nearest villages...

    Followed by crop lock... ONE

    Followed by crop lock... TWO

    Followed by crop lock... THREE

    Followed by crop lock... FOUR

    Followed by crop kill... FIVE

    Followed by crop kill... SIX

    and crop killed... SEVEN

    And then I play a little game with Legion-A... I fire off multiple attacks at every Capital village for EVERY Legion-A member...I tell them, ONE is the Real Deal...

    And the winner is...

    and Crop Killed... EIGHT...

    There are be a few more suprises still on they way to Legion-A villages... they'll know when they get there...

    Thankyou all for you support, it's been a great game... I couldn't think of a better way to go out.

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