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Thread: [Information] Travian Calculations And Formulae

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    May be redundant with other things you've already posted:


    The following are the cheapest attackers and defenders (vs 50/50 inf/cav total attack) in initial production cost on a per 1000 resource cost basis.

    Use this as your production guide when resources are tight or you want maximum stats per resource spent.

    Attack points per 1000 rsrcs (higher is better):

    Roms IM produce 116.7
    Roms LG produce 90.91
    Roms EI produce 85.11
    Roms EC produce 82.95
    Roms PT produce 65.22

    Gauls SW produce 121.5
    Gauls TT produce 82.57
    Gauls HD produce 71.25
    Gauls PH produce 47.62
    Gauls DD produce 41.28

    Teuts MC produce 160.0
    Teuts AX produce 122.5
    Teuts TK produce 98.36
    Teuts PD produce 54.73
    Teuts SP produce 29.41

    Defense points per 1000 rsrcs under 50/50 inf/cav attack (higher is better):

    Roms PTs produce 108.7
    Roms LGs produce 96.59
    Roms IMs produce 54.17
    Roms ECs produce 42.63
    Roms EIs produce 41.67
    Roms SPY produce 40.78

    Gauls PHs produce 142.9
    Gauls DDs produce 77.98
    Gauls HDs produce 54.71
    Gauls SWs produce 51.40
    Gauls SPY produce 39.47
    Gauls TTs produce 29.82

    Teuts SPs produce 139.7
    Teuts PDs produce 69.65
    Teuts AXs produce 61.22
    Teuts MCs produce 50.00
    Teuts TKs produce 40.98
    Teuts SPY produce 20.83

    Lessons learned:

    Macemen are far and away the cheapest attackers in initial cost, although they fall quickly behind in total cost when wheat efficiency is taken into account (see below).

    The other infantry attack units cost roughly the same, but imps will be slightly cheaper over time due to wheat efficiency (see below).

    Praetorians are quite expensive initially when compared to other races' primary defensive units => build your city wall so you don't lose them before their wheat efficiency can make them cost relatively less (see below).

    Legos aren't quite as useless as they might seem. If you actually use them for both offense and defense, then they can be worth their cost. If you only use them for one or the other, then stick w/ the specialists. In particular, legos probably should not be in your hammer army (see below) and since most of your other empire's army should be defense, their only real place is acting as raiders + secondary defenders (evening out inf/cav defense ratios, see below).

    Paladins, druidriders and haeduans are quite expensive for the defense they provide. You should hold off on building these unless you intend to attack/raid with them or have a mobile defense to help other cities.


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    I will simply add a few extra Formulas:
    (original can be found here. I personally added the scouting explanation from a friend who gave it to me.)

    The Palace
    The Palace doesn't give as much of a defence bonus as a Wall. Also, it works differently. While a wall multiplies your defence bonus, the palace adds point directly to the "Defence-Total" in a battle. You calculate the points with this formula:

    Level 1 = 2 Point Bonus
    Level 2 = 8 Point Bonus
    Level 10 = 200 Point Bonus
    Level 20 = 800 Point Bonus

    The Moral Bonus comes into play when one player with a larger population attacks one with a smaller population. I read the exact values somewhere, but I forgot where... But hopefully I can get those later. But the author of the Spanish Magazine "Other Age" says that:

    - When the attacker has 7.5 times as much population as the defender, the defender gets a bonus of 50%.
    If the attacker has 7.5 times less population then the bonus is 0% for the defender.
    - If the Population-Factor is somewhere inbetween, then bonus acts like a logarithmic function a Horizontal Asymtote at x = 7.5 and y = 50.

    It has also been shown that when the defender's population is just barely below that of the attackers, the Bonus/logarithmic function grows additionally, so that if you projected the curve, you would only arrive at a 50% bonus at a factor of 15.

    Automatic Defence
    If a player is inactive or doesn't have any soldiers then the village can fight only with it's "automatic defence" or "basic defence"

    The automatic defnce is about 80 defnce points, and is affected by other bonuses.

    Fights Between Scouts

    Above the numbers were given for scout defenses. Here is the actual formula and how it is calculated:

    When you send scouts to scout a player, it may happen that no opponent scouts are in the village. If that happens, the defender won't know that he was scouted.

    However if there are scout in the enemy village, there will be a fight between scouts, but the defender won't lose any. Only the attacker.

    As an example, we send 100 scouts against a village with 14 own scouts and 6 reinforment.
    In total 100 against 20

    Attacker: 100 x 35= 3500 attack points

    Defender: 20 x 20 = 400 defense points

    Attacker wins, but it's not a regular fight, the attacker takes some losses that can be calculated like this:

    100 x (400/3500) ^ 1,5 = 3,86

    So, from the 100 attacking scouts, 3,86 die (4 rounded) and, because of that, both players get a report.

    Now, let's suppose the attacker sends 100 scouts and the defender has 200:

    Attaker: 100 x 35 = 3500 attack points
    Defender: 20 x 200 = 4000 defense points

    So, the defender wins. The attacker loses all his scouts and the defender loses none.
    The attacker doesn't get a scouting report, just a message stating that none of his scouts returned.

    The wall, morale, etc. also work with spies.
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