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Thread: The BROTHERS IN ARMS 2 is now recruiting!

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    Default The BROTHERS IN ARMS 2 is now recruiting!

    The brothers in arms 2 or B.I.A 2 is now recruiting! BIA 2 is the smaller version of BIA. Our requirements are quite small compared to BIA's requirements.

    Our requirements:

    1. You must have a population of 100 or more.

    2. You must not be being farmed, and lastly...

    3. You must be active.

    We are dedicated to defend and help our teammates in need. Do you want to survive? Join BIA 2! We all want what is ours. The right to be here, the right to SURVIVE.

    If you want to join, please contact chineseboy or cosmicvampyre. We'll hope we see yah!

    note: our team leader and a couple of other guys are inactive but we don't have authority to boot but we will appreciate you for applying.

    I am sorry but we can't send out invitations until we get a new leader or a diplomicy director. I am sorry.
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