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Thread: !! Searching for an account !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DariushII View Post
    I'm looking for an account on
    I really really need an account on x2
    contact me via PM.
    having Roman account in comx...

    pls contact via skype: dp13102

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    Hey, im searching for an account on server 6.

    Any account is fine as long as you are not a farm.

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    Default Comx2

    Hello.. I am looking for someone to dual with me on the Comx2 server. I am playing as Gauls so I need someone that has alot of experience playing as Gauls and knows how to raid and attack with them, Also you should be around the east coast of the US or around the +1 GMT time zone so you can be online while I am not. message me on here or email me at so we can talk more about the account.

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    Default Com x2


    Looking for an account on the com x2 server. The account i'm looking for should have some offtroops, and cattas to throw. Most preferably if the account is in -|- , but that doesnt matters.

    About me:
    From sweden.
    I have played travian since 2008.
    Have experince from 5 accounts of top20 account in pop/off/def. I also got experience from holding WW.

    This is two of my erlier offensive accounts, that made WW hammers of the remaining off that were leftover, after all the offensive playing. <-- slowserver <-- speedserver

    I play between the times 07.00 - 01.00 in swedish time (+1)

    If interested, PM here on contakt me on skype ( jackielundqvist )

    // Jackie

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    In my village


    Hi, my name is Al, i have 26 years old, i`am an experienced player who know to take care of an account and to make a good manage of an account, i would like to take any account on any server... , now i just finish with the exams at my University and i have the necesary time to play....if somebody will give me a good account(only condition is not to be a farm) i will apreciate that by taking good care of it.....just PM me here or on my email (

    Regards, Al

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    need dual on comx server...

    Romans account...11 villages...2 are on 15C...too many account...

    pls contact if u r interested...

    skype : dp13102
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    Default Looking for Acc to dual on


    I am offering my help with any Acc.
    I haven't played in over 1 1/2 years now so I am pretty sure I lack behind a little.
    I am currently in the middle of moving, so my online times may differ and can not always be kept.
    Currently I reside in Germany (GMT +1), but only for the next 2 weeks, from when on I will live in USA (GMT -5, if I am not mistaken). I have played Teuton Acc which have been in the Top 100 (many different servers: US, Ind, DE, Uk, etc.), but I would be willing to also help on a Roman or Gaul Acc (I just have to be taught). As I said I am in the middle of moving, so I can not surely say when I can be online, and therefor I am looking for someone who doesn't take this to serious. Real Life goes first for me!

    If you are interested or if there are any questions, please write me a mail here.


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    Default Any Gold player needs dual then let me know


    This is Chandan Nasta here from s5 server which just got finished yesterday. I just need to know if any gold player needs dual partner to play with him or help him. I would be glad to help him out. I am from India and will play as per Indian timings.

    I wanna play any server but its of no use to start from beginning. So it would be nice if I help some one who would interested in dualling who must be playing right from the start.

    Let me know if any 1 needs me skype: chandan nasta, yahoo:, hotmail:

    Chandan Nasta

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    An experinced player and raider from Finland (GMT +2) is looking for a good account. I have played in many countries and couple times I have managed to play all the way end with quite well results.
    I'm really active player and I like farm all the time when I'm online. My online time is 10 - 12 hours in a day. I can sometimes play at nights so I'm pretty flexible.

    I want that account is working 24/7 and it have a lot of army. I won't play in account which: is farm, over 500 off & pop or don't have good players.
    The tribe doesn't matter, but I have most exp. whith Teutons and Gauls. I wish that account is in any speed server, but it's not so exact.
    My only weakness is that I don't buy Gold. My activity will replace that, so don't worry.

    I understand English pretty well, but my written English skills is not so good. ^^
    You can ask my anything if you got interested.
    Replys to PM. I communicate with IRC and MSN, I don't have a mic.

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    Default dual

    i would like to join in a gaul or tueton account on the new server i am a good raider preferably romans but i would like to try on a gaul or a tueton account with a team i am from philippines GMT+6 i finished 3servers.

    playing in s2
    rank 90 population
    rank 177 attack
    1million resources rob per day.

    my email is

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