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Thread: !! Searching for an account !!

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    Looking for a decent x2 account
    It's not that I'm not peaceful, it's that I'm afraid everybody around me isn't peaceful.

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    Default Account

    Looking for a decent account on a server thats been going for 3+ months (no speed) have you put alot of work into your account and want to pass it on to someone who will continue building it? someone who is a team player and experienced. I took a break from last server but recharged and ready to go..........let me know LQQK on skype as well as here..

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    Default Any 1 needs dual on s5 invite (Only Gold Players)

    I am looking for s5 server gold account to play. If any 1 would like to invite me as dual then please pm me on skype: chandannasta

    I was in Pantheon wing earlier and we won the WW. So any 1 who invites me should be able to buy 800 gold for himself everymonth. Remember I wont buy a single gold for him. So any gold Member from s5 server can invite me.

    I am online as per Indian timings. From 5:30pm evening till 7:30am Morning. I can play 14/7 all the time.

    I am a offensive player and like the account should be rading 24/7. So the server has started juz now. So if you invite me soon I can give you atleast 150000 troops. But if you invite me later then I wont be able to help.

    Remember that the owner should buy gold and not me. The more you purchase gold the more I can built up yr troops faster.

    Experience from past 5 yrs in most of the travian servers.

    Chandan N

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    Default dual

    still looking for an account on s5
    must be guals(not a farm) offensive.

    i am a very experienced in romans and tuetons would like to join a team in a guals account.
    have 2years of experienced.
    i am online almost 6hours a day.
    GMT+8 from philippines
    finished rank 500+ in s8
    finished rank 400+ in s1
    rank 90+ in s2
    all acounts was named public03 you can look for it on trooptool if you think i am lying.

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    Default Looking for a Dual in Test Server 10 on Gold-Using Account

    I am looking for a dual on my Test Server 10 account. I am currently one of the militant powers in my region but am at war with someone (who I prefer to not name in case that person reads this forum). My alliance is currently ranked 4th place, but I am the smallest player in it because I am not very active. I am looking for a dual who can raid (which is relatively simple because I have attack wave lists) and can help me develop my village. I currently own 200 gold. I can provide guidance to noobs (I usually rank amongst the top 200 in accounts I focus on).

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    I am looking for an account!!! The only rule I have is that it was to have more then 3 villages I don't care what the tribe is or alliance it must not be a farm nor will it become one. My time zone is -8 or +8 one of those two i r noob so i cant tell them apart.

    I have played for about 3-4 years been on top 10 accounts I have held a hammer in my hands even had an alliance behind my back A real one not that crap teamwork and other stuff every one puts on their profile. Dont attack me. i am so and so friend ect. ect. ect. the list goes on.

    I am not as active as i used to be but once i get hooked I cant stop contact me on skype: otkghosty or PM me here thanks for taking the time to read my message have a nice and wonderful day


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    Looking for a teuton account to play on, preferably near top 10 maybe just on the edge. It can be in any server or country but .com is the best...

    I have been playing offencive gual recently with my last hammer being 78k swords and 65k heuds. I want to go back to my roots as a teuton so message me here or on skype.

    Skype: austinthedarknight

    Thank you
    skype: austinthedarknight

    Always offencive

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    i search 1 acccaunt in travian somewhere.

    my experience :


    If someone need co-player anywhere on your accaunt , i can play ( GTM +1 )

    i play travian about 4 years, ...
    my experience are huge , my last gauls crush was be :

    360k swordsman
    80k haeudan
    25k trebuchet

    and teuton crush was be last slovenian speed server :

    250k cbluswigners,
    66k teutonic knight
    and 15k trebuchet

    i play on multihunters and admin servers, there can play only ( MODERATORS,ADMINS,MULTIHUNTERS )

    i raid a LOT !

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    Looking for a dual for PH server:
    Since the forum there sucks, I wanted to try if I could find out anyone willing to play there.

    1. Experience handling Teutons
    2. Can be online GMT 5pm-11pm
    3. Can understand FIlipino
    4. Gold is not a requirement but appreciative if you could donate at least 30g


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    I am looking for sharing an account

    I like to play with Teutons
    Living on GMT+1
    Looking for a top account only.
    [COLOR="Red"]Wanna try the best strategy game? Play NOW, register HERE!

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